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Ygam Presents New Strategy over Parliamentary Reception

The leading charity that focuses on education, informing and safeguarding young people from gambling and gambling harm, the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM), organized a Parliamentary Reception and presented its new strategy

The prestigious event was attended by government representatives, charities, regulators and other stakeholders within the industry. Overall, the event attracted approximately 90 guests including members of local authorities and trade associations. Damian Collins MP, the minister responsible for gambling, as well as chair of the DCMS select committee between 2016 and 2019, hosted the reception.

Ygam Outlines New Strategy, Plans Frequent Updates

Ygam’s new strategy ultimately seeks to protect children and young people from gambling and gambling harm via education. The charity will continue its work with age groups between 7 and 25 and provide invaluable education lessons. The new strategy, labeled “Safeguarding Our Digital Generation,” is expected to be executed in the next three years.

Still, it is important to mention that the process isn’t final and Ygam confirmed that on an annual basis, it will review its strategic goals and if necessary, update them. This strategic development plan seeks to help Ygam take its operations to a new level and match the continuously changing market.

Not unexpectedly, the charity said it plans to report regularly its progress and publish an annual report as well. Within its annual report, Ygam will be able to outline changes to its strategic plan.

The new strategy reiterates Ygam’s focus on educating children and young people aged between 7 and 25.  After appointing an independent facilitator to lead the strategic development process, Ygam has engaged with a diverse range of stakeholders and staff to develop a strategy which brings clarity and purpose to the future direction of the organization,

explains a statement released by Ygam

The Charity’s Work Seeks to Protect Young Adults

Dr Jane Rigbye, Ygam’s chief executive, said during the reception that it reveals the charity’s ambition and mission for the future. She explained that the exciting opportunities offered by the digital world hide risks, especially for young people. Dr Rigbye added: “We have a clear purpose, we deliver evidence-based programs, and we are focused on understanding and continuously improving our impact.”

We want to ensure that universal education and prevention is seen as an essential part of the public health response to gambling and gaming, and that it is adequately funded over the long term.

Dr Jane Rigbye, chief executive at Ygam

Ygam’s chief executive pointed out that it is incredibly important for the public health sector to offer education on gambling harm and help with prevention. Finally, Dr Rigbye said that the charity believes in delivering education for young adults which in turn, saves lives and has a long-term positive impact.


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