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Xpoint Revolutionizes Geolocation Checks with Trust Mode

TrustMode allows its clients to reduce their geolocation service checks by more than 20% while remaining compliant

Xpoint, a leader in geolocation security solutions, has unveiled the release of a revolutionary new product. Trust Mode is a solution that allows Xpoint’s clients to decrease geolocation checks while remaining compliant with the requirements in US jurisdictions.

Trust Mode, according to the announcement, complies with the required check frequencies while still reducing the overall number of checks. To achieve this, Trust Mode minimizes checks when players are connected to residential or office WiFi.

According to Xpoint, the new solution works even for players near borders.

Overall, TrustMode allows its clients to reduce their geolocation service checks by more than 20%. This, in turn, allows its partners to significantly reduce their geolocation-related expenses.  

Xpoint is licensed in 20 states and the District of Columbia, allowing a wide range of companies in the US to benefit from its solutions. The company’s technology is used by a number of big names in the gambling industry, including the powerhouse Bet365 and PrizePicks.

Xpoint clients can expect Trust Mode to go live by the end of the year.

Trust Mode Will Also Benefit the End User

Xpoint’s chief executive officer, Manu Gambhir, commented on the new release, saying that Trust Mode is a “clear example” of how competition nurtures innovation. He pointed out that there is no need to frequently re-check the location of a bettor connected to Wi-Fi at their home, even if that home is located near a state border.

Gambhir added that Trust Mode will also benefit end users since their battery usage will decrease thanks to the reduced number of geolocation checks. Despite that, Trust Mode will be efficient and will not sacrifice the accuracy Xpoint’s products have come to be associated with.

 This technology will serve as a game-changer for operators looking to get the most out of their geolocation service provider.

Manu Gambhir, CEO, Xpoint

Gambhir joined Xpoint as CEO a year ago and has since leveraged his expertise to help Xpoint expand its geographical footprint.


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