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Xpoint Secures Licenses in 12 New States plus DC

Manu Gambhir, Xpoint’s chief executive officer, commented on the new licenses, calling them a “milestone” in the company’s journey

Geolocation technology specialist Xpoint has vastly expanded its US presence after securing licenses in a whopping 12 new states, as well as in the District of Columbia. The company now boasts licenses in 19 states covering almost three-fourths of America’s population.

As announced, Xpoint secured licenses in the states of Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming and the District of Columbia. Xpoints added that its business is already operational in a few of these states, namely Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maryland.

In addition, Xpoint’s geolocation services are already available in Ohio, Tennessee and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Xpoint excels in geolocation security solutions, powering online casino and sports betting companies with essential services. Thanks to its technology, Xpoint clients can remain compliant with the geolocation requirements in markets where they operate.

Xpoint Verify, for example, is the company’s advanced geo-compliance product suite and comes packed with fraud detection and prevention solutions. It can be seamlessly integrated by operators and is adapted to support both mobile and desktop platforms. In addition to reliable geolocation tracking, clients can also enjoy exceptional customer service.

A Major Milestone for Xpoint

Manu Gambhir, Xpoint’s chief executive officer, commented on the new licenses, calling them a “milestone” in the company’s journey. Gambhir explained that Xpoint’s decision to double down on the American market attests to the company’s confidence in the continued growth of the US online gambling industry.

The CEO also pointed out that, until now, operators did not have much choice when it comes to geolocation. According to him, Xpoint’s foray into more states will bring in competition, allowing the geolocation sector to evolve.

Until now, there has only been a single geolocation provider in the industry, creating risk for operators, slowing innovation, and keeping costs high due to a lack of competition. These additional licenses are a major step forward in allowing the industry to evolve and bring the most advanced geolocation platform to market.

Manu Gambhir, CEO, Xpoint

Mr Gambhir joined Xpoint as CEO in May 2023 as Xpoint’s co-founder and former CEO, Marvin Sanderson, opted to instead refocus on the company’s business development matters.

Xpoint was previously involved in a lawsuit where its competitor GeoComply alleged patent infringement. However, GeoComply’s case against Xpoint was eventually dismissed.


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