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Xpoint Partners with BettorFantasy for New Xpoint Lite Product Launch

North American market leader for geolocation and compliance services for the gaming industry Xpoint has introduced its latest geolocation product to the US market together with its partner BettorFantasy, which offers a fantasy sports mobile application in 21 US states.

Xpoint Offers a State-Of-The-Art Software Development Kit

Xpoint helps sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports companies stay up to date with regulatory requirements and comply with local legislation and additionally supports them in their marketing efforts with information and insights based on location.

Xpoint’s latest partnership will see the launch of its state-of-the-art geolocation software Xpoint Lite directly embedded in the new fantasy sports mobile application BettorFantasy.

This seems like a smart move on the part of Xpoint as the launch shows the new geolocation software in action and is more likely to attract new customers, who can see the benefits and features of the new products implemented in the BettorFantasy app.

Marvin Sanderson, who is the CEO and co-founder of Xpoint, is pleased that Xpoint Lite will help BettorFantasy as it grows in the US and internationally.

BettorFantasy co-founder and CEO Sahil Patel has embraced the new partnership with Xpoint and has expressed his excitement about Xpoint Lite, which is the company’s latest geolocation product:

It’s been great working with XPoint as their first XPoint Lite partner. The team is laser-focused on building a great solution and has been open to our feedback. We’re proud to work with XPoint as our geolocation partner and we can’t wait to integrate this technology for our community.

Sahil Patel, CEO, BettorFantasy

Xpoint Lite, which is offered by the company together with financial transaction geolocation software Xpoint Verify targeted at real money gameplay, enables embedding directly into mobile applications and websites of sports betting and daily fantasy sports operators.

The Need for Geolocations Services has Grown Exponentially

The United States lifted a ban on sports betting back in 2018 and from then on it was up to the US states to introduce their own legislation in order to launch sports betting in their jurisdiction. As this is a gradual process and not all states have embraced the new revenue opportunities coming from sports wagering, the need for accurate geolocation services has grown immensely.

Xpoint entered the market in 2019 as a start-up. Since then, the company has been able to get a significant market share in the United States and Canada and has become a market leader in the geolocation services sector.

During the past year of growth, a major milestone for Xpoint was the signing of its partnership agreement with Sporttrade. Later on, followed partnerships with motorsport wagering platform GridRival and online casino challenger PlayStar.


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