December 16, 2021 2 min read

Sporttrade Adds Xpoint as Geolocation, Marketing Partner

Xpoint, a specialist company that focuses on delivering geolocation solutions for iGaming and betting businesses in the United States, has revealed a new partnership with Sporttrade, a growing sports trading platform with significant traction in the United States.

Sporttrade to Benefit from Xpoint Geolocation, Marketing

As a result, Sporttrade will embed Xpoint’s technology with all of its digital platforms to ensure that any transactions carried out on Sporttrade will be following regulations and be executed from whitelisted jurisdictions.

The United States permits iGaming and sports betting on a federal level, but it’s down to individual states to push ahead with changes that allow them to conduct such activities on their territories. Amid the recent legalization push for iGaming and betting products, the demand for state-of-the-art geolocation solutions has grown.

Xpoint will be working with Sporttrade to collate customer data and use it back to bolster the platform’s offer and engagement capabilities. Commenting on this development, Sporttrade founder and CEO Alex Kane said:

“We are thrilled to be partnered with another firm challenging incumbents in the sports gaming space.”

Sporttrade founder and CEO Alex Kane

Kane added that Xpoint has been focused on the idea of teaming up with Sporttrade, looking for a collaboration that would be in place years from now.

Teaming up with a Dynamic and Innovative Brand

Xpoint CEO and co-founder Marvin Sanderson shared his enthusiasm with the deal and said that he was equally pleased to be adding such a “dynamic and innovative brand” to Xpoint’s list of partners.

“Our technology will not only ensure that Sporttrade will comply with state regulations in all states within which they are active, but also will be embedded with Sporttrade’s consumer engagement activities, working in true partnership to unlock the added value Xpoint’s business platforms can generate through the strategic use of customer information.”

Xpoint CEO and co-founder Marvin Sanderson

Xpoint is a new entrant in the complicated regulatory space in the United States. Established in 2019, the company knew it would serve a highly demanding audience and that it would have to meet strictly regulated jurisdictions’ standards.

Yet, Xpoint has decided to plow a course in this industry and ensure that it helps its partners deliver on compliant betting and gaming. This comes on top of enhanced marketing capabilities that businesses can benefit from across numerous jurisdictions.


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