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Xirotyris Resigns as Novibet’s Chief Commercial Officer

Novibet, a European GameTech company with offices in Greece and Malta, is parting ways with its chief commercial officer. Yannis Xirotyris, who occupied the position the last year, announced that he will be resigning because of personal reasons.

Xirotyris Announced His Departure

Xirotyris shared the news about his resignation on his personal LinkedIn account. He notified his colleagues and followers that he will no longer be working as Novibet’s CCO. Although Xirotyris did not specify a reason for his departure, he mentioned that it was “a personal decision.”

The departing worker used the opportunity to thank everyone who supported him. He praised his team members for their commitment and said that it has been a pleasure to work with such hard-working and dedicated people.

Xirotyris also listed a few of the achievements he and his colleagues achieved as part of the GameTech company. He lauded Novibet’s team for planning and executing the multi-state US market access strategy and the agreements with Caesars Entertainment.

In addition, Xirotyris said he is proud of helping finalize the combination with Artemis Strategic Investment Corporation. Another major milestone for his team was the completion of an agreement with Big Bola that helped Novibet foray into the Mexican market. During Xirotyris’ time as a CCO, the company also entered Ireland’s market and quickly established a robust foothold in the country.

Lastly, Xirotyris pointed to the numerous commercial agreements that were renegotiated during his time as a chief commercial officer.

The CCO Brought Decades of Experience to Novibet’s Team

Xirotyris is a gambling veteran who was an important part of Novibet’s team. He has years of experience in the gambling sector and diversified the company’s team with his vast knowledge of the sector.

Xirotyris’s career in gambling began as a player. At first, he played poker professionally before eventually joining as a regional manager of Greece and the Balkans. After six years and a half with the operator, Xirotyris returned to the poker sector by joining PokerStars.

Starting in 2012, Xirotyris served as PokerStars’ regional manager of Greece, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa. After four years in the position, he became director of regional marketing for PokerStars’ global division. In 2018, Xirotyris became the company’s director of international market development and was later named its director of international development and regulatory affairs.

After a total of eight years with PokerStars, Xirotyris had a short stint as Flutter’s international development director. He joined Novibet in June 2021 and served the company for over a year.

As of the time of this writing, Xirotyris is yet to announce his next move.


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