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WWE Talent Baulks at Idea of Having Scripted Betting on Fights

Rumors have been swirling that the WWE may introduce scripted betting, with regulators and some insiders shutting down the gossiping recently

Regardless, the idea of having scripted betting on matches has stuck in the collective consciousness of fans, the community, and WWE insiders who have been discussing the matter over the past weeks.

WWE Insiders Worry Betting May Limit the Show’s Creativeness

Some have volunteered that scripted events betting would open the production to manipulation and fraud, but others have objected that scripted events such as the Oscars have done well despite the results being known beforehand.

Reporting has already surfaced. Frightful Select, a media dedicated to covering WWE, cited insiders who said that they weren’t stoked about the prospect of having events to bet on. However, it may not actually be the wrestlers who object the most – the writers of events may feel their hands constrained by the fact that they now have to factor in the betting angle, which could hamper the creative process.

Bullying is not off the table, either. Professional athletes have been harassed by irate fans. The same fate may now befall creative talent within the WWE. There are a lot of moving parts in preparing a WWE show. The talents that participate in these events have their own opinions and preferences about what they may or may not do, want or don’t want to be a part of.

One source said that this may now be made more difficult and, in some cases, – hard or impossible to change. “The concern comes into where and what we can pitch, how that affects things, and the ability to get things changed that talent doesn’t agree with,” the media stated.

If a show has been drafted, there is not much room for change, even if a talent does not agree with an outcome or the way events are presented – something that happens often enough.

Not Much Writers and Producers Can Do after the Die Is Cast

The creatives behind the shows will undoubtedly feel the pressure of not making too changes as well, as this may affect betting, and it would be hard for the writers and producers to read through fans’ opinions without noticing betting patterns and what everyone is hoping for, making it harder to decide who wins in the end.

As some insiders have already stated privately – betting on scripted events may be just more trouble than it’s worth. Of course, there are certain upsides to consider here as well. For one, sports betting on WWE can improve viewership, bring additional interest in the sport, and ultimately generate a commercial boon. However, insiders grumble privately that this may be more trouble than it’s worth.


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