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Florida Seniors Warned about Illegal Gambling Venues and Casinos

The Sunshine State has been trying to uproot illegal gambling venues, with many unlicensed casinos posturing as “arcades,” game rooms,” or “internet cafés”

Apart from using good old police work, the state’s authorities have been concerned with certain age groups being more susceptible to falling victim to such illegitimate gambling operations.

This is why the AARP Florida and Florida Gaming Control Commission (FGCC) issued a joint statement on Monday trying another approach – raising awareness about such unlicensed casinos that operate illegally.

AARP Florida and Gaming Commission Warn about Illegal Casinos

These businesses have been very agile and quick, established overnight and oftentimes gone or shut down by the time authorities catch wind of events. The venues advertise their products as “arcades” but they house slot machines inside.

This is at odds with state laws that allow slot machines exclusively on the premises of tribal casinos for the time being. The AARP has cautioned that these venues are purposefully targeting the ageing adult population, as they are less likely to object or even understand that they are being the victims of a scam.

“These illicit gaming centers may appear innocuous at first glance, but they are breaking state law, as are operators and customers of these illegal establishments,” the regulator and the AARP have stated in a joint press release.

The release has also outlined some of the reasons why people should try and avoid these venues. For one, there is zero consumer protection at these so-called adult arcades, which means that there is no fair play and consumers may lose money or be scammed. The AARP has tried to also instruct consumers on what to look out for when in a facility that offers slots.

The Public Asked to Assist in Tackling These Businesses

For one, slot machines that aren’t on tribal land and their casinos are already illegal. Anything outside tribal land or Miami-Dade or Broward counties is illegal, and so is sports betting. Once again, the Florida Gaming Control Commission has urged caution and public awareness of the issue.

Authorities have relied on tips from citizens to ensure that they swoop in on such illegal venues and shut them down. However, to make sure that the process is efficient, the public is urged to alert the police or the commission itself. Meanwhile, the regulator has reaffirmed that it would pursue criminal charges against illegal gambling venues and their owners.  


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