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WPT Selects Famous DJ and Musician Steve Aoki as Brand Ambassador

The World Poker Tour (WPT) announced on Thursday that it chose Steve Aoki, the famous musician and producer as its newest brand ambassador.

Steve Aoki Becomes Brand Ambassador for the WPT

In his new position as ambassador, Aoki is going to play a pivotal role in the process of guiding WPT’s revamping just in time for its historic 20th anniversary season. While the WPT will develop its new look and feel, he is going to help by raising brand awareness. Moreover, Aoki is going to be engaging with poker fans during special events planned throughout the World Poker Tour this year.

It’s such an honor to be joining the WPT family.

Steve Aoki, brand ambassador at WPT

The new collaboration is also going to benefit the Aoki Foundation, created by Aoki with a goal to support organizations related to brain science and research areas. The WPT is going to be a partner in an invite-only charity event in Las Vegas around mid-2022 that will gather global pioneers, entrepreneurs and is undoubtedly going to be a unique event for the year.

Besides being a famous musician and a two-time Grammy nominee, Aoki is well known for being a fashion designer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, as well as a passionate poker player. In fact, although he has built his career within the world of electronic music, Aoki has rubbed shoulders with some of the best poker players in the world. With that in mind, Aoki is a significant social media figure with more than 35.2 million fans around the world.

Joining the WPT Marks an Exciting Moment for Aoki

WPT’s CEO, Adam Pliska, outlined that Aoki loves poker, but he also inspires others to live to the fullest. According to Pliska, this makes him the perfect fit for a WPT brand ambassador. Moreover, WPT’s CEO acknowledged that Aoki approaches every aspect of his life with passion and energy which is inspiring. In conclusion, Pliska said that the WPT is honored to have Aoki play a key role within WPT’s “transformation and in the celebration of World Poker Tour’s 20th anniversary.”

The passion and energy in which Steve Aoki approaches every aspect of his life is both inspiring and very much in line with the new vision of the WPT.

Adam Pliska, CEO at World Poker Tour

Aoki added that he is honored to join the WPT family. He revealed that for many years he has watched and admired the WPT. In conclusion, Aoki said that being able to join the WPT feels surreal and he is also incredibly grateful.


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