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Woman Attempts to Kill a Man Because He Brought Only $5 on Date

A woman set the apartment door of a man, she went on a date with, on fire attempting to kill him because he brought only $5 to the restaurant of Jerry’s Nugget Casino. She is charged with an attempt of first-degree murder. The crime was reported last October.

A Woman Tries to Kill a Man Because He Brought $5 to Their Date at a Casino Restaurant

A woman is charged with murder after an escalated argument in the casino restaurant with her date. Apparently, the man who brought only $5 to their date at Jerry’s Nugget Casino, near downtown Las Vegas, became the victim of the enraged woman who followed him home and attempted to kill him by setting him on fire.

The 43-year-old Kimberly Marika Johnson was charged for the crime with an attempt of first-degree murder by arson. Her preliminary hearing is set on January 25 by North Las Vegas Justice Court. The crime happened last October and the criminal complaint that followed was filed last month. Kimberly Johnson was put in jail this Tuesday.

Johnson met her date at the casino restaurant for breakfast. During the date, she learned that the man has brought only $5. The conversation escalated to an argument. Then she made the man walk to his apartment which was 2 and a half miles away, located in an apartment complex.

The victim told the police that Kimberly Johnson arrived at his place 20 minutes after him and appeared to be on drugs. Then, early in the morning, he heard the window of the front door break and as he opened the door Johnson was lighting gas vapors.

The door caught fire as he shut it, but then she took a hammer and tried to break through the front window of the apartment below. According to the police report, Kimberly Johnson’s purse was burning as she threw it inside the apartment. The man told the police that she tried to kill him by setting him on fire.

Las Vegas Downtown Crime Rate Is Higher Than the National Average

At the beginning of last year, Downtown Las Vegas’ crime rate was estimated 93% higher than the national average rate. However, it was reported then that most crimes are related to pickpocketing. At the beginning of January this year, it was announced that the police have arrested 1,200 over a three-month operation with the aim to reduce the criminal activity in Las Vegas.

Police Capt. Dori Koren stated that the department’s Convention Center Area Command has conducted 1,229 arrests and has confiscated firearms from people in the area. According to her, criminal activity has increased in the Las Vegas Strip in September, and that crimes are primarily related to firearms


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