Washing And Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Reach Provisional Amendment

Washington and the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe reach a provisionary compact amendment that would expand tribal casino’s content and social engagement.

Gambling Commission And Snoqualmie Tribe Reach Tenuous Agreement

The Washington State Gambling Commission and the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe have reached a provisionary agreement to amend the Tribe’s Class III gaming compact.

The proposal includes a number of revisions meant to expand the gambling and gaming opportunities for Snoqualmie Casino customers. Not only that, the amendment also includes a series of clauses to further promote responsible gambling and raise awareness of gambling addiction.

The majority of the changes revolve around expanding the availability and variety of content at the Tribe’s casino. Should the revision go through, the Tribe would be allowed to run up to 125 gaming tables at a single gambling facility, or a combination of two. In addition to this, around one-in-four tables would be granted permission to accept wagers of up to $1,000. A smaller, but still significant, number of tables will be able to take bets up to $5,000, after an extensive customer screening.

Player terminals will receive a similar treatment. Snoqualmie Casinos would be permitted to run up to 3,000 player terminals in a single gaming facility. Furthermore, the maximum wager cap would be pushed up to $30.

The most interesting aspect of the client-orientated revisions is the addition of several new and secure payment technologies for customers. This includes near-field communication (NFC) devices, EMV or smart cards, whichever one the Tribe prefers.

Deeper Cooperation Against Problem Gambling

In addition to these changes, the Tribe would have to deepen its cooperation with the state of Washington in the fight against problem gambling. The Snoqualmie Tribe would have to provide additional financial support for the state’s responsible gambling program and help fund treatment for problem gambling.

Snoqualmie Tribal chairman Robert De Los Angeles has confirmed the Tribe’s approval of the amendment. According to him, the revisions will be beneficial for business and improve customer experience. Most importantly, Mr. De Los Angeles emphasized the tribe’s commitment to investing in health and wellbeing of Washington’s communities.

If the amendment is passed successfully, it would free up the way for a possible expansion of the sports betting market in Washington.

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