January 11, 2023 3 min read


WagerWire and Sparket Join Forces To Deliver Exciting Betting Opportunities

Sports bet marketplace WagerWire and innovative sportsbook app Sparket have inked a potentially industry-defining partnership, merging their offerings to deliver a novel and engaging experience

The new deal will allow Sparket users to trade their bets using the WagerWire platform or directly within the Sparket app. The two startups’ fully integrated offering promises users a new dimension of engaging opportunities and ways to make a profit. Both companies have committed to this long-term partnership, seeking to revolutionize the sports betting scene.

Both Companies Made Waves in 2022

Sparket and WagerWire’s individual offerings have not gone unnoticed. Both companies offer a new twist on the traditional sports betting experience, drawing significant interest. Sparket’s B2B live event wagering platform promises users the ability to bet on almost anything, boasting peer-to-peer transactions and social media integration. The company is also awaiting a new prediction and confirmation software patent.

WagerWire has also expressed its intention to usher in a new era in the sports betting industry, but it has pledged to do so via a completely different approach. Its platform provides seamless tracking of sports bets in real time, showing bettors the exact value of their wagers. Users can then buy and sell active sports bets, opening a new and engaging secondary trading functionality.

Their Combined Offering Empowers Users

While impressive on their own, WagerWire and Sparket’s innovations can bring a truly revolutionary experience combined. The integrated offering will bring secondary market trading functionality to Sparket’s app. Bettors will also be able to trade Sparket bets on the WagerWire platform, planned to launch in Q1 2023. CEO and co-founder of WagerWire Zach Doctor was excited about the deal, commenting on the new opportunities.

This partnership is going to pave the way to an entirely new era of betting.

Zach Doctor, CEO and co-founder of WagerWire

According to Doctor, the two companies’ aligned goals would allow them to bring new dimensions to the sports betting experience, combining Sparket’s ability to tap into new markets with WagerWire’s innovative systems. Sparket CEO Aaron Basch shared his colleague’s opinion, stating that the partnership would give bettors powerful new possibilities.

The ability to flip in and out of bets gives our users more power and freedom over their wagers.

Aaron Basch, CEO of Sparket

Full integration means that every Sparket bet would become its own tradable asset. Basch noted that partners eagerly awaited the enhanced experience, hoping the added freedom over their wagers would attract new users. Sparket and WagerWire have also pledged to cooperate on a social level, actively integrating their communities and spreading awareness of their innovative combined offering.

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