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Vitor Belfort vs Evander Holyfield Odds to Win, Time and Date

Two worlds collide as the former UFC light heavyweight champion walks out against the former heavyweight boxing champion on Saturday, September 11. Vitor Belfort is given about the same opening odds as his opponent as he will take on Evander Holyfield in the Triller Fight Club event which will see the two titans collide.

Oscar De La Hoya had to withdraw from the fight after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and hospitalized. In his stead, Evander Holyfield was called upon to fill in and he has agreed to the challenge. While the venue has not been set, with both Florida and California looking to host, we can expect a great boxing bout.

A brief update by ESPN has confirmed the city of the fighting bout as Los Angeles, so keep this in mind.

Odds to Win Holyfield vs Belfort

Vitor Belfort-105
Evander Holyfield-125
Odds by BetOnline as of September 6.

Where and When Is Belfort vs Holyfield?

  • Date: Saturday, September 11
  • Time: 7 pm ET
  • Location: Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, Florida
  • Watch: Fite PPV

Essentially, you need to bet $105 and $125 on Belfort and Holyfield respectively to stand a chance of winning $100 back. These odds have been adjusted since the opening odds, though, when Belfort was posted as a -175 favorite and Holyfield was the underdog at +145.

It’s interesting to see Holyfield posted at such high odds, though, since he is 58 years old and Belfort is 14 years younger, which will no doubt give the fighter a tremendous advantage. However, Holyfield is one of the best heavyweight boxers in the sport. He has won the WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF titles on various occasions and has been a fairly unstoppable force in professional boxing.

It’s hardly just that, though, as the fighter has a superb boxing stance and style which will put Vitor Belfort at odds with his training as a UFC fighter. Even though UFC athletes may be the stronger brawlers, when it comes to technical fights, boxers do have the upper hand as they know how important staying safe is.

Is Vitor Belfort Worth Your Money?

Belfort is younger, that is true, and while his record in the UFC isn’t bad, it isn’t ideal either. For starters, Belfort is 44 years of age and he has been able to amass 26 wins and 14 losses to his name.

He missed out on some of the big fights in his career, assigning him a back-bencher place in the fighting sport. Today, though, he wants to move away from his MMA training and put on the boxing gloves for a chance to take on a legend.

Yet, Belfort is composed and focused and he has the old age to guide his attack and defense and not let him play too foolhardily. However, to really make a dent in the fight, he will have to muster his strength and stamina in a 10-round bout against Holyfield who is a formidable opponent even at his age.

Why Fear Holyfield at Nearly 60?

Holyfield is an absolute beast and a legend in boxing. His reach is already superior to Belfort’s with 78″ which means that he can deliver punches while avoiding hits which will be important.

He is also heavier than Belfort which will give him the punching power and stability that Belfort may lack. Of course, the age difference will surely slow him down as the former heavyweight champion has to be much more sparing in his performance.

Holyfield has 54 professional bouts and has won 44, of which 29 with KOs. He took out Brian Nielsen, a 64-2-0 fighter with TKO in 2011 before retiring. It’s important to note that Holyfield has only been knocked out twice in his career so this doesn’t seem like a good strategy for Belfort.

In this upcoming bout, we expect technique to trump young age and Holyfield to win by decision.


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