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Violence against Women in Australia Fueled by Gambling and Pornography

A new wave of protests against violence against women in Australia now wants the government to do more to protect victims

A recent spate of attacks against women based on gender violence has prompted spontaneous protests in Australia, with citizens looking for answers from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and asking the leader to do more and ensure that women are protected from the spike in violent behavior they are subjected to.

13-Year-Old-Boys Won’t Change Culture of Sexual Violence

One possible solution, argues criminologist Michael Salter, is a concentrated effort by the government, which should seek and mount a national campaign to ensure that it has a robust strategy in addressing the festering issue which has spilt over to open public discontent.

One of the specific problems Salter outlines is that the onus is often put on boys and men, with the most common strategy being simply telling the demographic to “change.” Yet, this is a poor strategy as it elicits feeble responses. Instead, the root cause has to be addressed. Boys and men are exposed to alcohol, pornography, and gambling, which have been tied to increased rates of violence.

“Why is it the responsibility of a 13-year-old-boy to change the culture around sexual violence,” Salter asked rhetorically, arguing that the burden should rest with the state and the government instead.

Gambling Is “In the Mix”

His opinion is somewhat shared by Women’s Community Shelter chief executive Annabelle Daniel, who also serves as chair of Domestic Violence NSW, who spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Natassia Chrysanthos who did the original reporting on the piece.

Daniel spoke about the prompts that lead to increased violence on the part of men, arguing that alcohol, financial stress, drinking, and gambling all have a toll on a man’s psyche and could prompt men to violence against their spouses, usually women.

These warnings should be heeded by the Albanese government which has found its hands full with addressing both gambling and now the increase in violence against women.

The fact that both are somewhat related presents a fresh challenge and opportunity for the government, which has been working hard on enacting several significant regulatory safeguards at least insofar as gambling is concerned.

Australia has moved forward with a ban on credit cards and local regulators are also now holding gambling companies to higher standards. Yet, the prevalence of gambling remains a major issue in Australia as 2 in 5 adults in the Down Under gamble weekly, making it one of the world’s biggest gambling nations.


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