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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Bout to Be Covered by US Sportsbooks

The much-anticipated bout between the Youtuber-turned-boxer and the boxing legend is due to take place on July 20, 2024

Now, the event may move forward with fresh approval from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation which has given a formal go-ahead for the fight to take place, recognizing it as an official boxing competition.

Tyson vs Paul Is Now Official Boxing Event

In other words, bookmakers will be able to start accepting wagers on the outcome of Paul vs Tyson. Independent judges will guarantee the event’s fairness and both fighters will undergo a series of preliminary tests to detect banned substances to enhance performance.

In addition, Tyson and Paul will have to undergo mental screenings before they can enter the ring and fight. Most Valuable Promotions co-founder Nakisa Bidarian, whose organization is working on the fight to become a reality, has thanked the TDLR for going ahead with the approval and giving the event the status it deserves.

This approval means that regulated sportsbooks in the United States will be able to start accepting wagers on the event, as it’s an officially sanctioned fight that will result in regulated gambling markets. Alternatively, offshore operators may be offering odds and lines for the upcoming bout as they are, but sportsbooks in the United States would much rather prefer to have everything go through them.

Yet, offshore bookies have some interesting odds to offer. Paul is currently listed at -500 on some websites that are based outside of the United States as the heavy favorite, but recent Tyson videos from his training sessions have shown the former professional boxer demonstrate speed and skill that is uncharacteristic at his age.

Good Odds on Tyson? This Remains to Be Seen

Tyson is listed as the underdog at around +110, which means that the match is hard to peg. Offshore bookmakers are not too willing to give better odds for Tyson just yet, as he might indeed flip the action and earn a pretty dollar to some bettors it seems.

Yet, as the action is shaping up, US sportsbooks will also seek to get a piece of the action. The American Gaming Association has already confirmed that the most recent sports betting events held in the country have been channelling a lot of the betting traffic into regulated websites.

The bout between Iron Mike and Jake Paul will also be streamed on Netflix, making it widely available, not least because the streaming service also offers a free 30-day trial.


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