Videoslots Brings Eamonn Faulkner as New CCO, a leading casino operator, has appointed Eamonn Faulkner as its new chief operating officer. Faulkner is a distinct talent who has industry-wide experience and will make an important asset to the company. He has worked as part of the gambling landscape for the past 16 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how with himself.

Videoslots Brings Betfair and DraftKings Veteran as CCO

Faulkner has been known for his ability to deliver simple solutions to complex challenges and drive results across the board for important verticals in the companies he has worked for. His experience does him credit as he worked for virtually the most prominent names in the industry, with DraftKings, Paddy Power/Betfair, Matchbook Betting Exchange, and others part of his professional career path.

His appointment was welcomed by Videoslots deputy CEO Ulle Skottling who said that Faulkner’s enthusiasm for his new role already made it clear that the executive is stepping in to help Videoslots realize its objectives. He added:

Eamonn’s dedication to delivering successful working relationships at all levels makes him the perfect addition to the Videoslots team.

Videoslots deputy CEO Ulle Skottling

Videoslots’s newly appointed chief operating officer welcomed this opportunity in a similar fashion and said that every career milestone he has been able to pass has led him to this new position.

He recapped his strengths and said that he will seek to drive customer and commercial outcomes and help what he sees as a dynamic company pursues its goal while also using this opportunity to deepen his own industry knowledge.

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