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EPIC Adds Pending UKGC Recommendations for Customer Interaction in Masterclass

EPIC Risk Management is going to update its Interactions Masterclass to ensure that stakeholders taking the course are aware of the new mandates and prerequisites that the UK Gambling Commission is due to put in effect on September 12, 2022. This is a preemptive move by EPIC, the company informed in a press release on Monday.

EPIC Integrates New UKGC Recommendations in Its Course

A total of 14 new requirements will be rolled in next month which EPIC wants to ensure are understood by the relevant stakeholders who will benefit from taking the organization’s classes. The guidelines will focus on helping parties involved in the gambling industry garner a better understanding of gambling-related harm and the early indicators of such behavior.

The measures are designed to empower those in relevant positions to ensure that they can fight gambling harm in the industry. These new measures proposed by the regulator are well-aligned with EPIC’s own mission to maintain a healthy attitude towards preventing gambling harm.

The UKGC expects operators to implement measures and mechanisms that enable them to monitor betting and gambling behavior up close so that they can spot early signs of harm. The Interactions Masterclass by EPIC is now compliant with these customer Interactions 3.4.3 changes, giving interested partners the means to quickly catch themselves up on the changing regulatory landscape.

The class is further accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Operators will have the opportunity to use the knowledge obtained through the class to identify those key signs of early harm, vulnerability, or risky behavior. EPIC has been working actively to acquire the knowledge and distill it in a way that enables the company to serve as a lodestar in the industry and use policy decisions to instruct stakeholders who wish to remain on-point with the necessary standards.

Dan Spencer Confident about the Future of Protecting Customers

EPIC Risk Management director of safer gambling Dan Spencer said that he was pleased with the changes enacted by the UKGC and the opportunity to educate stakeholders about them. He said:

I’m glad to announce that our course has been updated to the new guidance and remains fully accredited. We’ve had some amazing success delivering this course over the last 18 months, showing an average increase in confidence and ability of 20% among those who have taken the course.

EPIC Risk Management director of safer gambling Dan Spencer

Spencer argued that the course focuses on both compliance and instilling an ability to reach out to potentially at-risk players who may need assistance and help at an early stage. Customer interactions are taken to a whole new level both through the introduction of the new standards, but also through EPIC’s course-building which allows stakeholders to educate themselves quickly on what must be done.


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