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US Integrity Forms “Groundbreaking” Agreement with Spain’s LaLiga

The partnership between LaLiga and US Integrity shows the Spanish league’s commitment to integrity

US Integrity, a leading tech-driven sports betting monitoring company, has entered into a “groundbreaking” agreement with Spain’s LaLiga. Under the deal, the former company will supply real-time alerting systems to the soccer league’s top two divisions.

As per the announcement, LaLiga will secure analytical insights, as well as access to ProhiBet, a comprehensive prohibited betting solution developed by US Integrity and Odds On Compliance.

US Integrity’s integrity monitoring will allow LaLiga to identify and investigate any potential “nefarious activity involving LaLiga events.” As a specialist in the sector, US Integrity has a proven track record in monitoring and compliance. The firm conducts analysis across a myriad of data sets, allowing it to spot irregular wagering activities. ProhiBet, on the other hand, will make sure that LaLiga officials do not engage in betting.

The partnership between LaLiga and US Integrity shows the Spanish league’s commitment to integrity, demonstrating its dedication to conducting fair and transparent competitions. The sporting organization reiterated its commitment to cracking down on the manipulation of games and addressing suspicious activity. 

LaLiga Is Committed to Protecting Soccer’s Integrity

LaLiga’s president, Javier Tebas, expressed his excitement about the partnership, calling it a “significant milestone” in his team’s efforts to safeguard integrity and transparency in pro soccer.

At LALIGA, we are committed to maintaining a fair and honest competitive environment for our clubs, players, and fans across the globe.

Javier Tebas, president, LaLiga

In the meantime, Matthew Holt, US Integrity’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said that his team is looking forward to working with LaLiga and expanding his firm’s international efforts.  He said that LaLiga, just like the company’s other partners, is committed to maintaining the highest integrity standards.

These types of partnerships, and on an international level, will help amplify the sports betting integrity industry and strengthen the unique & proprietary anomaly detection tools we have developed at US Integrity.

Matthew Holt, co-founder & CEO, US Integrity

A few weeks ago, US Integrity also powered the PFL with integrity solutions.


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