September 6, 2022 3 min read

US Bettors Like the Idea of an ESPN-Branded Sportsbook, Survey Says

OddsAssist has conducted a survey in which it asked respondents whether they would use an ESPN sportsbook if one was available. The survey results stated that 73.3% of the respondents would use a sportsbook branded by ESPN and 71.5% stated that they would trust an ESPN-branded sportsbook more than other options. 

The High Inflation Is Making Bettors Wager Less Money

The survey was conducted online and it featured 660 respondents, all of which were 25 or older. It was conducted between August 18 and August 20. According to the results, 81.4% of the respondents noted that the high inflation has affected their financial situation in a negative way. 

Out of those, 24.2% stated that they plan much less on sports, 45.3% stated that they will bet “somewhat less,” 24% plan to wager the same amounts and 6.5% stated that they will bet more. 

Credit cards proved to be quite a common payment method as 57.1% of the respondents stated that they have used a credit card to deposit funds to their account in the past. As a result, 50.7% stated that they ended up having credit card debt. 

Statistics such as these are the reason why the UK Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards back in 2020. At the time, research in the UK noted that there are around 800,000 gamblers that use credit cards to gamble online and the ban was put in effect to prevent them from acquiring debt and/or falling victim to gambling harm. 

Several other interesting facts about the preferences of bettors were also included in the survey. When it comes to betting on their favorite teams 72.7% noted that they bet on their favorite teams more than other teams.

The most common wager type is spread bets (58.8%). Totals came in second (51.2%), followed by parlays (41.2%), moneyline (40.2%) and prop bets (28.2%). 

When choosing a sportsbook, 23.2% of the respondents stated that competitive odds matter the most. The sign-up bonus was the top indicator for 21.4%, user experience was third with 18.3% and 15.5% stated that other promotions and odds boosts matter the most. Fast payouts were second-to-last at 15.2%. Finally, 6.2% stated that brand popularity matters the most. 

A Recent Poll Showed an Increase in Sports Betting Acceptance Grows in the US

Back in July, a poll conducted by the Washington Post-University of Maryland found out that sports betting’s acceptance rate is growing in the US. The poll included 1,503 adults and it was conducted online between May 4 and May 17.

According to the poll, 66% approve of legal sports betting, which is a massive increase compared to the acceptance rate in 2017 (55%). Even though the acceptance rate is higher, 71% of the respondents were worried that the increased sports betting availability might result in more people being addicted to gambling. 

Moreover, 21% stated that they have a relative that has a gambling problem, and 4% admitted to being problem gamblers themselves.


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