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Updated Responsible Gambling America App Launched by Entain Foundation US

Gamble Responsibly America, a responsible gambling app providing practical tools, assistance, and advice to people at risk of problem gambling, saw the launch of its second edition, Entain Foundation US revealed in a press communication.

New Features and Resources for Safe Play

The Gamble Responsibly America app has been comprehensively updated with new features and resources for safe play in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese and is freely available in both App Store and Google Play Store.

“The first version of Gamble Responsibly America was well-received and widely welcomed. We’ve since been working hard on enhancements to provide an even more comprehensive tool for maintaining responsible gambling, as well as for preventing and mitigating problems, should they occur.”

Martin Lycka, SVP, American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain and Trustee, Entain Foundation US

Entain, the global sports betting, gaming, and interactive entertainment group that is funding the Entain Foundation US is adamant the app is not meant to bring any benefit to either the group or its US joint venture in the digital gaming space with MGM Resorts, BetMGM.

The new app improvements focus on greater educational information related to problem gambling and the availability of more tools that will allow users to access help and support. The app offers discussions about problem gambling, behavioral markers of concern, setting gambling limits, frequently asked questions, as well as videos with information relevant to the issue.

Live Chat with Outside Organizations

The app also features a daily gambling diary and a live chat function that provides users with outside support services from organizations such as Kindbridge, the world’s first teletherapy company, which is ready to support gamblers by linking them with professional mental health counselors and specialized support services. Kindbridge and Entain partnered for the Mind Your Game campaign last year.

“This second edition of Gamble Responsibly America underscores the helpful resources of the first edition, with more tools, more educational information, additional languages and more resources that are available anytime and anywhere.”

Martin Lycka, SVP, American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain and Trustee, Entain Foundation US

Other organizations linked with the Gamble Responsibly America app are the National Council on Problem Gambling, Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, as well as My Wager Score, a platform using real-time player affordability data to protect the player’s financial health and minimize risks of problem gambling.

“Our goal with the app is simple – to educate users on safe gambling habits, and provide the necessary tools and resources to allow users to access help and support instantly,” concluded Lycka.

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