October 10, 2023 3 min read


Underdog Fantasy Launches “GuardDog” Initiative

An advisory panel comprising well-known industry experts will lead the program, aiming to foster improvements in responsible gaming practices

Prominent daily fantasy sports operator Underdog Fantasy aims to proactively tackle gambling harm through its new “GuardDog” initiative. The program will provide startups focused on developing innovative and responsible gambling solutions with the necessary support and funding. This move coincides with the industry’s ongoing pivot towards reducing its negative societal impact.

The Initiative Will Help Foster Innovative Ideas

Under the “GuardDog” program, Underdog Fantasy will give responsible gaming-focused startups the guidance and financial aid they need to advance gambling harm prevention technology and programs. The operator is dedicating $1 million to the initiative, hoping to spearhead the next wave of industry innovation as responsible gaming practices rise to the forefront.

We want to help those innovating in responsibility by providing capital, mentorship, and valuable connections.

Jeremy Levine, Underdog founder & co-CEO

To guide the “GuardDog” initiative, Underdog Fantasy has assembled an advisory panel composed of industry experts. Notable members include responsible gambling consultant Brianne Doura-Schawhol, former FanDuel Head of Responsible Gaming Adam Warrington, and former Colorado wagering regulatory chief Dan Hartmann. The advisory panel’s diverse expertise should foster enduring success, underscoring the importance of collaboration within the gaming industry.

Underdog Fantasy will provide startups with financial support and hold a stake in the companies it backs, hoping to foster new and unexpected solutions to the responsible gambling landscape. This initiative aligns with the broader industry trend of established companies supporting startups in the gaming sector, aiming to diversify and enhance the gaming experience.

“GuardDog” Is an Important Stepping Stone towards Future Success

As one of the fastest-growing sports companies in the US, Underdog is in a prime position to drive innovation and capitalize on new opportunities. Company co-CEO Jeremy Levine noted that a more robust and responsible ecosystem would benefit all stakeholders, aligning with the operator’s player-focused mindset. Levine was adamant that providing an engaging gaming experience remained a priority for Underdog, urging the broader industry to embrace this mindset.

Our mission is for fans to have a good time with sports and, obviously, that means people can have fun while they are winning and even losing, as long as they’re not losing too much.

Jeremy Levine, Underdog founder & co-CEO

Underdog plans to leverage its success in the daily fantasy space to branch out into sports betting, hoping to revitalize the sector with its forward-thinking mindset. The company is licensed in Colorado and Ohio for sports betting and intends to apply for a sports betting license in Massachusetts

The “GuardDog” initiative is a natural extension of Underdog Fantasy’s long-term strategy, fostering a hub for innovation in responsible gaming. The operator has committed significant resources to this endeavor, aiming to remain at the forefront of daily fantasy and sports betting developments. This initiative can meaningfully impact the industry, promoting responsible gambling as an integral part of the gaming experience.

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