Ultimate Tournament Becomes One of ESIC’s Supporters

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), the body dedicated to eradicating fraud from the face of esports, has found a new ally: the bookmaker Ultimate Tournament. The latter will join the efforts in spotting, reporting, and acting against crooked practices that damage the ecosystem, such as cheating and match-fixing.  

Ultimate Tournament Stands Up for What’s Right

Ultimate Tournament describes itself as the premier USA-based turnkey esports betting platform. It offers a clear and comprehensible betting experience that is suitable to both esports enthusiasts who want to begin their gambling journey and passionate bettors who are not deeply familiar with esports. Ultimate Tournament also provides betting odds data for numerous matches. 

As a bookmaker, Ultimate realizes the need for a well-regulated and healthy esports betting ecosystem and that betting suffers from cheating and match-fixing. That’s why the bookmaker will support the ESIC’s cause of fighting against dishonest practices in esports. 

Alex Pickett, Ultimate Tournament’s chief executive officer, spoke of the benefits of ESIC’s work. Pickett wants to provide Ultimate Tournament’s customers with the best experience possible, and for that, a safe ecosystem is needed. The CEO is firm that esports bettors deserve such an environment and will proudly work with ESIC to ensure it. As efforts against malpractices grow, esports will take another step forward, Pickett believes. 

Putting a Stop to Fraud

ESIC is just as delighted to work with Ultimate Tournament. Commissioner Ian Smith is excited to have the betting operator on board as it is crucial to have more organizations working toward that same goal of stopping esports fraud. 

Smith is happy that Ultimate Tournament made the right decision in stepping in the efforts to protect the integrity of esports, investigate suspicious betting activity and fight against cheaters. 

Ultimate Esports is only one of ESIC’s powerful allies. Others include Parimatch, Betway, Oddin, Skybet, Midnite, Unikrn, and Cyber.Bet. However, betting operators aren’t ESIC’s only allies – the commission also has fervent supporters among the tournament organizers who care for a clean esports environment just as much.

ESIC has been sparing no effort in fighting against fraud. It has reported all suspicious cases it came upon and has helped in the busting of all kinds of illegal practices in esports. The commission’s efforts are important for the integrity of not only esports as a sport but for the betting ecosystem as well – as sports betting was only recently legalized in the United States, it is still vulnerable to bad intentions and practices. Therefore ESIC and its supporters are crucial for the development of a healthy esports betting environment. 

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