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Sahara Las Vegas Shooting Twist as Victim Is Due In Court

A man, seriously injured during a shooting incident at Sahara Las Vegas hotel casino on June 27, is now in a detention center with charges against him for choking his ex-girlfriend.

The Victim Assaulted His Ex-girlfriend

Two men were shot in Las Vegas, on Sunday, June 27, in two unrelated incidents, as one of the men, who was shot in a bar, died, and the other one – shot at Sahara Las Vegas hotel-casino was critically injured, but survived. Brandon Dangerfield, age 33, from Las Vegas, was shot by a woman while he was allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend. He is due in court on Tuesday. According to the police, he was shot by a woman who tried to rescue the victim last weekend. She was able to grab his gun and shoot him after he assaulted the victim.

According to the Metro Police report, the man choked and punched his ex-girlfriend in the face. They were in the hallway on the 22nd floor of the Sahara hotel. The man pushed his ex-girlfriend’s face into the carpet, which led to “a carpet burn.”

Dangerfield was critically shot in the torso, and was taken to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center for immediate surgery.

Las Vegas Police Continues to Investigate

It is still unclear which of the women shot Dangerfield, but the Las Vegas Metro Police continue to investigate. According to the reports, Dangerfield crashed his ex-girlfriend’s party, held in the hotel room. After that, he threatened the victim. He also told the other women in the room that he would shoot them all if she didn’t come out of the room, according to the report based on his ex-girlfriend’s statements.

Dangerfield is no longer in the hospital and as of Sunday. He is in the custody of the Clark County Detention Center. He is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on Tuesday, charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

Fatal Shooting on Sunday, June 27

In the other incident, a man was shot and killed at a bar, located west of the Las Vegas Strip. The police reported that the victim’s name was Timothy Hartley, who was shot by 24-year old Anthony Balderas, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Balderas landed in jail without bail and was due in court last week.

According to the media, there was no prior contact between the suspect and the victim and the police don’t have a motive yet. Balderas left his credit card in the bar, where he shot and killed his victim, so the police were able to identify him quickly.

At the beginning of the year, the police reported that they made 1,229 arrests and confiscated 64 firearms in the Strip area during a three-month operation to battle crime levels in Las Vegas.


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