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Ukraine Issues Ban on Gambling Advertising Amid Harm Concerns

The ban will remain in effect until the Verkhovna Rada finalizes its law on combating gambling addiction

Ukraine’s government has opted to ban all gambling advertising in the country. The changes are outlined in resolution No. 583 and come amid an intense crackdown on the gambling industry.

The resolution was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers and aligns with the ongoing efforts to mitigate the negative impact of online gambling on the Ukrainian soldiers and citizens. The measure, which was amended to increase its scope, now prohibits gambling operators from marketing their products in the country.

The ban will remain in effect until the Verkhovna Rada finalizes its law on combating gambling addiction.

Soldiers Are Very Vulnerable to Gambling Harm

As mentioned, the new measure aligns with the country’s continued efforts to prevent the negative impact gambling has had on its people amidst Russia’s ongoing invasion. A month ago, the government opted to implement a ban that restricts soldiers from gambling.

Approved by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the new regulations prohibited soldiers from participating in any form of gambling, both in land-based establishments and online, until the martial law had been lifted.

The decision came as a response to a petition initiated by Pavlo Petrychenk, a member of Ukraine’s 56th Brigade, who outlined a concerning rise of gambling addiction among military personnel. In his petition, Petrychenk highlighted the unique circumstances soldiers are exposed to and said that gambling has become a coping mechanism for many. As a result, a large number of military people have lost control of their habits, gambling away more than they can afford to.

Petrychenk’s petition gained over 25,000 signatures.

Ukraine Seeks to Prevent Money from Leaking into Russia

The prohibition of gambling for the Ukrainian soldiers and the new ban on gambling advertising will be complemented by an extensive information campaign that will spread awareness of the dangers of gambling and provide treatment to people in need.

In the meantime, Ukraine continues its crackdown on illegal gambling operators, especially ones that are tied to Russia. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has sought to prevent Ukrainian money from leaking into businesses and operations controlled by its aggressor. A month ago, Ukraine announced that it had blocked over 2,500 illegal gambling sites since last year.

Despite the challenges, Ukraine’s gambling industry continues to grow. At the beginning of April, the Ukrainian gambling regulator approved over 150 new licenses. At the same time, the regulator refused to provide licenses to roughly 40 operators due to documentation and compliance issues.


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