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UKGC to Fill In Evidence Gaps under New 2023-2026 Plan

The plan seeks to strengthen the evidence-based approach for the gambling vertical in the country and comes after the recent release of the White Paper

The gambling regulator in the UK, the Gambling Commission, confirmed its plans to fill in evidence gaps over the next three years. Outlining a plan that spans between 2023 and 2026, the Commission ultimately seeks to obtain evidence that can help it better protect customers and implement effective changes where necessary.

The Commission acknowledged the importance of an evidence-based approach and explained that “better data, better research and better evidence will lead to better gambling regulation and better outcomes for consumers who gamble, their communities and the gambling sector itself.”

Over the next three years, the watchdog will focus on six different areas. In an effort to strengthen its evidence within those verticals, the Commission will seek to collect more data about illegal gambling and crime, as well as different gambling products and what risks they may pose to consumers.

Another area where the Commission will focus involves the actions of gambling operators as well as gateway products and how young consumers experience gambling. The regulator will seek to strengthen its evidence base on gambling-related harm, problem gambling and vulnerability and also probe into “the range and variability of gambling experiences.”

The Research and New Evidence Is Vital for the Industry

According to the Commission, new evidence will be vital for itself as a regulator and it also contributes to the industry’s evidence-based approach. “As you would expect, they all relate to our role as regulator to keep gambling safe, fair and crime-free,” explained the Gambling Commission.

On a separate note, the Commission said that new evidence will help highlight upcoming challenges for the sector. It said that the final document which will be issued will serve not only the Commission but other stakeholders in the sector.

Each area has key points where we want to know more, each area has clear actions that the Commission can lead on but equally, they each have work for others: researchers, third sector bodies and the gambling sector itself.

Tim Miller, executive director of research and policy at the Gambling Commission

Tim Miller, the Commission’s executive director of research and policy, explained that the plan for collecting evidence and data comes during a time when major changes to the gambling vertical may be implemented following the release of the White Paper. According to him, those efforts will help ensure that gambling in the country remains fair, safe and free of any crimes.


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