UKGC Reminds Industry Stakeholders of Consultation Deadline

Last November, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has asked for feedback from industry stakeholders regarding a review of its Statement of Principles. On Tuesday, the UKGC issued a reminder on the upcoming deadline for the consultation.

The UKCG Seeking Guidance on Several Matters

The Gambling Commission is looking for guidance and opinions on several different matters regarding licensing operators and different criminal or legislative enforcement policies, among others. UKGC’s Statement of Principles has been responsible for leading the country’s gambling regulatory policy, with special emphasis on risk assessment, compliance activities, and licensing. The Statement’s Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Policy was last reviewed and upgraded in 2017.

The UKGC is looking for feedback on four matters. The Commission’s stance on products that may need double regulation is on top of the list. Following the massive criticism that the UKGC has received over the approval of a license for Football Index, the Commission is now proposing a policy position on how these products should be handled.

Secondly, the Commission is also looking for clearer requirements regarding the personnel that is deemed eligible for an operating gambling license.

The UKCG has also asked for feedback regarding the enforcement of gambling regulations that would become a part of the new policy approach. The pilot approach would have a duration of 12 months.

The Gambling Commission also wishes to reflect several procedural changes regarding the way gambling licenses are reviewed, as well as the way legal settlements and suspensions would be tackled. 

Who Can Give Feedback?

The UKGC is looking forward to more proposals and opinions that would amend the Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement Policy. All members of the public, as well as financial institutions, gambling operators, charities, trade associations, and others, can access the Gambling Commission’s website and be a part of the public consultation by February 9, 2022. By providing a valid name and email address, anyone can express their views on the four pillars of the Policy.

In 2021, the Commission also launched a public consultation to change the way gambling prevalence participation statistics are collected.

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