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UK Gambling Commission Launches Pilot for Enhanced Affordability Checks

Tim Miller, the executive director of research and policy at the UKGC, delineated the measures being undertaken in light of the feedback garnered from consultations

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has unveiled plans for a pilot scheme aimed at implementing enhanced financial risk checks. This move comes amidst mounting pressure for tighter regulations within the gambling industry.

UKGC’s Tim Miller Unveils Measures to Enhance Financial Risk Checks

UKGC’s executive director of research and policy, Tim Miller, outlined the steps being taken in response to feedback gathered from consultations regarding financial risk checks. These checks, as proposed by the government’s Gambling White Paper, aim to identify and intervene in cases where customers may be financially vulnerable due to their gambling habits.

The pilot scheme comprises two tiers of checks. The first tier focuses on identifying vulnerabilities such as bankruptcy orders or unpaid debts, utilizing publicly available data. Notably, feedback from the consultation has led to adjustments, ensuring that these checks will not delve into customers’ personal details like postcode or job title. Initially, these checks will be implemented at a higher threshold before transitioning to a lower threshold later in the year to streamline the process for consumers.

The second tier involves enhanced financial risk assessments triggered by significant losses, requiring more comprehensive scrutiny of a customer’s financial situation. 

Miller emphasized the UKGC’s commitment to making these checks as seamless as possible for the majority of customers.

UKGC’s Pilot Program Paves the Way for Safer Gambling Practices

The pilot, scheduled to last between four to six months, will serve as a testing ground for data-sharing mechanisms involving credit reference agencies and gambling operators. During this period, operators will not be mandated to act on the data received but must continue to uphold existing consumer safety measures.

Miller highlighted the importance of data collected during the pilot phase, which will inform the final thresholds and definitions for implementing these checks effectively. The UKGC intends to lay out detailed guidelines within its forthcoming response document.

In response to these developments, a spokesperson for the Betting and Gaming Council emphasized the need for swift yet unobtrusive interventions for those displaying signs of financial vulnerability. They stressed the importance of ensuring that responsible gamblers are not unduly affected and that any new measures do not inadvertently drive individuals towards unregulated gambling platforms.

Moreover, the government is expected to announce new regulations soon, including a maximum stake limit for online slots, aimed at curbing excessive gambling among young adults.

The UKGC’s pilot scheme marks a significant step forward in addressing concerns surrounding gambling-related harm, balancing consumer protection with the freedom to gamble responsibly.


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