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UEFA and FIFPRO Join Forces to Tackle Match-Fixing in Soccer

European soccer governing body UEFA announced today in a press release that it signed a joint cooperation agreement with the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPRO) to facilitate the coordination of efforts in tackling match-fixing by officially designating the Red Button app as the go-to tool to report match-fixing.

Red Button App Official Recognition

The agreement between UEFA and FIFPRO officially recognized FIFPRO’s Red Button app, developed to allow whistleblowers to come up with information related to possible match-fixing as the go-to platform for anyone in possession of match-fixing information.

Professional soccer players are strongly encouraged to report potential match-fixing incidents via the Red Button app, which allows for an active exchange of information between FIFPRO and UEFA’s unit dedicated to tackling match-fixing and facilitates closer coordination of efforts aimed at tackling and ousting match-fixing.

According to UEFA’s anti-match-fixing action plan approved by the governing body’s Executive Committee in July 2021, coordination among stakeholders and organizations is key to successfully tackling the menace of match-fixing that threatens the integrity of the sport.

UEFA strongly believes “collaboration across the entire football community, including the use of common whistleblowing channels,” is the single most important prerequisite “to identifying and dismantling sophisticated, systemized corruption schemes” that pose a significant threat to the careers of professional soccer players and even their lives.

Integration with Other Reporting Mechanisms

The Red Button app, which was initially launched in Finland ten years ago, turned out to be the central component of FIFPRO’s continuous efforts to prevent match-fixing and protect the interests of its members, professional soccer players.

The app’s value is further emphasized by its capability to complement several other reporting mechanisms used by other soccer governing bodies, including UEFA’s integrity reporting platform.

The Red Button app leaves the choice of anonymity to the player reporting the suspicious incident: the app is downloaded upon receipt of a code issued by a player’s union that is affiliated to FIFPRO and it is up to the player to decide whether to leave contact details or anonymously deliver the match-fixing concerns.

The app is totally aligned with the strong message both UEFA and FIFPRO air to the sporting communities that are mostly affected by this menace in sport. The message is built around the ‘3Rs,’ recognize, reject and report, seeking to encourage people with information about possible match-fixing to come forward.

To stand united against this menace to the essence of the game is of utmost importance for all those who live by it, the players, and others who live by the emotions of it, the fans, UEFA outlined in its press release.

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