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Two Men Arrested at Pickering Casino Resort Over Car Theft

After police uncovered drugs and a gun in the stolen vehicle, the two suspects were hit with additional charges

Despite investing in security solutions, including guards, cameras and metal detectors, casinos are often targeted by criminals. In one such recent criminal case, two men were arrested and charged at the Pickering Casino Resort in Toronto, Canada after a car theft.

Drugs, a stun gun and GPS trackers were found in the car which was likely stolen by the two men. They were both arrested and currently face several charges, as announced by Durham Radio News.

The case dates back to the early morning hours of June 30. At around 1:30 AM, an officer with the Durham Police was patrolling the area near the casino at 888 Durham Live Avenue.

At some point, the officer saw a suspicious vehicle in the casino’s parking garage. A quick check uncovered that the car in question was previously reported as stolen.

The Durham Police officer didn’t hesitate and blocked the passage of the car, preventing it from being able to leave the casino’s parking garage. After that, two men jumped out of the car and tried to flee the crime scene on foot.

While one of the suspects was detained, by the police officer right away, the other one was able to flee the area. After assistance from a K-9 Unit, the Durham Police officer detained the second suspect as well.

Several Crimes Recently Impacted the Casino Resort

The latest criminal activity isn’t the first one for the Pickering Casino Resort recently. Earlier this year, a dealer and players were charged with conspiring to defraud the venue. The casino employee, who held the role of a dealer faced two counts of cheating at play, two counts of fraud over CA$5,000 ($3,700) and two counts of criminal breach of trust.

Amid Thanksgiving Festivities late last year, one of the security guards at the casino was fatally shot. According to the Durham Police, the 34-year-old victim, who was on duty at the time, was shot in the early morning hours on October 9.

Focusing once again on the latest criminal case, once law enforcement searched the stolen car, they uncovered a stun gun, as well as drugs. Police also found GPS trackers that were likely used by the culprits for other car thefts. It is unclear whether or not the 22-year-olds who were arrested had any prior criminal record.

In light of their recent stint, each of them is facing charges related to possession of a weapon dangerous to the public, possession of proceeds obtained by crime of over CA$5,000 ($3,700) and possession of a property obtained by crime under CA$5,000 ($3,700). In addition, the two suspects face charges for possession of a schedule 1 substance, as well as obstruction of a peace officer.


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