June 28, 2023 3 min read


TV Star Scott Rogowsky to Host Jackpocket’s New Live Game

The experienced TV personality and famous comedian will be the executive producer and host of Jackpocket Live, a new live game coming to Jackpocket's app later this year

America’s leading lottery app, Jackpocket, announced it joined forces with the host of the popular HQ Trivia, comedian and famous TV personality, Scott Rogowsky, for a brand-new live game. Details regarding the new activation came Wednesday and will see the famous comedian become the executive producer and host of Jackpocket Live, a new engaging experience that will be launching via Jackpocket’s app later this year.

Besides Rogowsky, the new live game will feature more celebrities, bringing exciting experiences for Jackpocket users. At the same time, the new live game will grant a chance for users to win real money on a daily basis.

Being the executive producer of Jackpocket Live, Rogowsky will play a key role in the creative and production processes. Moreover, he will leverage his extensive experience accumulated by hosting HQ Trivia, as well as other televised activations.

Since its launch in 2013, Jackpocket now has a presence in 16 US states. Users of the app have won nearly $300 million in lottery prizes, while 29 lucky ones have secured a prize of more than $1 million since its launch. In the last year alone, more than one million people won a prize from using the Jackpocket app.

Jackpocket Unveils Plans for New Products

Peter Sullivan, Jackpocket’s CEO and co-founder, welcomed Rogowsky to the company’s growing team of experts. Moreover, he predicted that the famous TV personality will help deliver unique experiences for lottery fans.

We’re so pleased to welcome Scott to Team Jackpocket as we continue to trailblaze in this industry while delivering the very best lottery and gaming experience around.

Peter Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of Jackpocket

Sullivan added: “Already beloved by the millions of people who tuned into HQ Trivia, Scott will bring his quick wit, charisma, and improvisational chops to this brand-new game on Jackpocket that lottery fans will love.” Jackpocket’s CEO and co-founder unveiled that the company plans to continue expanding its product portfolio and Jackpocket Live is the first of many new products. Finally, Sullivan said that Jackpocket’s new products will deliver fun and thrilling experiences.

Get ready for the greatest thing to hit your phone since, well, Jackpocket!

Scott Rogowsky, host and executive producer of Jackpocket Live

Rogowsky was similarly excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Jackpocket. He explained that it will be exciting to be a part of Jackpocket’s debut into live streaming via the new game. Finally, Rogowsky predicted that Jackpocket Live will deliver thrilling experiences and grant users a chance to win cash prizes.


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