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Tropicana Las Vegas’ End Looms Ever Closer

Demolition can begin as soon as late 2024, transforming the property into a new Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium

The timeline of Oakland Athletics (A’s) planned move to Las Vegas will determine the exact date of the demolition, but the venue’s end now seems set in stone. The timing coincides with the expiration of the A’s lease on their current ballpark in Oakland. Construction on the new stadium needs to commence by April 2025 at the latest to have it ready for the 2028 season.

A New High-Profile Stadium May Be Just What the Region Needs

Earlier this year, Bally’s and the A’s announced a binding agreement that paved the way for the Tropicana’s transformation into an MLB stadium. The deal put the casino resort’s remaining life at 18 to 24 months. Gaming and Leisure Properties (GLPI), the owner of Tropicana’s real estate, expressed an intention to work with Bally’s and potentially revamp the resort once the ballpark finishes construction. 

GLPI committed $175 million in financing for the stadium project. This number may increase in the future, but the company stated it was too early to make a firm commitment. The stadium’s development will cost around $400 million, primarily funded by the A’s. The team is looking for financing for the remaining $1.1 billion required to bring the project to life.

The A’s had a prior deal with Red Rock Resorts to build a stadium at another location, but the agreement fell through due to the significant public financing needed for the project. The Tropicana site offers a considerably cheaper alternative, significantly alleviating the financial burden for the A’s. Once completed, the stadium should be a long-term investment, complementing Vegas’ entertainment landscape.

The Tropicana Was Not Doing So Well

A shutdown and eventual refresh may be just what the Tropicana needs. The venue’s history is interwoven with the lore of old Las Vegas, featuring everything from dealings with mob figures to being a target of skimming operations. However, recent years have seen the property lose much of its luster, and it is widely regarded as one of the worst hotels in Vegas.

Unfortunately, a lack of investments has left the Tropicana outdated and needing substantial renovation. Many rooms are dirty and in poor condition, while a recent outbreak of bed bugs further damaged the venue’s fraying reputation. GLPI noted it could reinvest in an updated casino resort but was hesitant to commit to any long-term plans.

We will work with Bally’s and the A’s to determine what the casino resort might look like. When the time comes for us to decide whether or not to invest, we’ll do that based on the project and what we see in front of us at that time.

Brandon Moore, GLPI COO

The expected demolition of Tropicana in its current form signifies the end of a chapter in Las Vegas history. However, the new A’s stadium should significantly enhance the region’s entertainment landscape. If the sports venue proves successful, it could lead to the Tropicana’s reopening, breathing new life into the iconic casino resort.

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