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TRON Accounts Reach Over 8M Following JustSwap Launch

TRON’s first decentralized exchange, JustSwap, has launched successfully, drawing huge interest. Within days of release, TRONSCAN reported that TRON account holders had grown to 8,012,643.

TRON Drives a Foray in Decentralized Finance

TRON is finally breaking away from gambling apps and stepping into the world of decentralized financing, better known as DeFi to insiders. This week’s release of JustSwap is one of TRON’s largest expansion moves the company has undertaken recently.

Released on August 18, JustSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange, spearheading TRON’s entry into the DeFi sector, and an attempt to challenge Ethereum’s UniSwap. Inspired by TRON CEO, Justin Sun, the platform has proven a success so far, and picking a lot of momentum from the start.

Some 763,000 viewers tuned in to watch on Yizhibo, a Chinese streaming platform, and Sun uploaded a brief video on YouTube exploring the exchange briefly.

With Sun firmly steering the TRON project, the company has been growing at a rapid pace, so much in fact, that the total number of TRON accounts has surpassed 8 million for a total of 8,012,643 at the time of reporting according to TRONSCAN.

JustSwap allows users to exchange TRC-20 tokens in a seamless fashion and helps the growing TRON community to have the opportunity to use a native solution. The success of DeFi protocols has been quick and heady. Ethereum DeFi protocols now hold $6.37 billion and TRON wants to take a bite out of the same pie, and if not the entire pie, creating TRON DeFi protocols instead.

Reasons for Optimism Despite Some Warnings

While some industry experts have been slightly more cautious, including Primitive Crypto’s founding partner Dovey Wan, who advised investors not to be too hasty, JustSwap is evidently off to a great start.

According to the official update posted on August 21, JustSwap reached $10 million in trading volume within 24 hours of release. One important feature focusing on transparency is having a daily bulletin outlining all newly listed projects. The exchange already lists several prominent tokens.

Dovey Wan has been a little more skeptical of JustSwap’s reception, so much that he asked people to watch out for possible scams involving TRC-20 tokens. So far, TRON has been mostly known for projects such as WINk, which has the second largest market cap among gambling and gaming dApps with $33,477,591.


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