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Top Sport Breaches Lithuania’s Self-Exclusion Rules, Gets Fined

This is not the first time the gambling operator has had trouble with the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority

Top Sport, a Lithuanian online casino and sports betting company, has once again encountered issues with the local regulator. Forced to pay a fine of almost $27,000, the company was accused of providing gambling products to a self-excluded person.

The report was filed by the self-excluded person themselves. In March, the player successfully entered their online gambling account despite being registered as an excluded gambler with Lithuania’s national self-exclusion scheme.

Originally launched in October last year, the scheme is supposed to protect registrants from gambling content. The person in question, the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority learned, had excluded themselves on October 31.

In addition to successfully logging into their account this March, the player had also been able to access their Top Sport account on November 11 and 22 last year. The regulator also pointed out that the person was never logged off their account after excluding themselves from gambling.

Because of its violation, the gambling operator was slapped with the aforementioned fine. The operator is allowed to try to appeal the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority’s decision if it desires.

Top Sport Continues to Find Itself in Hot Water

The current case is not Top Sport’s first violation of Lithuania’s gambling laws. In June, for example, the operator was accused of not properly checking the age of three retail customers, one of whom was a minor.

The underage player had entered the Top Sport shop alongside two other people. The trio remained undisturbed and played at the slot salon for about two hours before leaving. During that time, Top Sport’s employees failed to identify the minor and ask the three people to leave.

When the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority investigated the case, it learned that Top Sport had committed another violation by not placing warning signs that inform visitors of the inherent dangers of gambling and the risks they face while playing.

This violation resulted in another fine of almost $27,000.

Earlier still, the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority issued fines against Top Sport and Amber Gaming. Top Sport’s fault was promoting its products by sending out emails and incentivizing people to install its app by providing them with download links. Because of this, the operator had to pay yet another $27,000 fine. Amber Gaming, on the other hand, was forced to pay around $6,400 because of similar issues. 


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