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Norway: Gambling Regulator Says Kindred Will Exit the Market

More than a dozen gambling operators, offering their services illegally, according to the gambling regulator, will withdraw from the market

The gambling regulator in Norway, Lotteritilsynet, announced on Thursday that a dozen gambling operators, offering their services illegally in the country are expected to leave the market. Overall, 15 operators are currently in the process of withdrawing from the market, revealed the regulatory watchdog. While Lotterilsynet did not name Kindred, it referred to the leading gaming and betting giant as “the company behind Unibet.”

In addition to Unibet, the gambling regulator confirmed that bet365, Come On, Betsson, Betsafe and Nordicbet are about the withdraw from the gambling market in Norway. Further game sites that are going to leave the market, according to Lotteritilsynet, include Bingo, Major player, Maria Casino, Norway’s vending machine, CasinoEuro, The People’s Republic, Mobile bet, GetLucky and The mobile vending machine.

The announcement comes after Kindred led a lengthy legal battle for its presence in the market. In 2019, the gambling regulator in the country ordered the company’s subsidiary, Trannel, to discontinue its offering for Norwegian customers. Trannel, the company behind the brands Bingo and Unibet, among others, disagreed with that request and decided to appeal the legality of Lotteritilsynet’s order to discontinue its offering.

Last year in June, the Oslo District Court ruled in favor of the regulator. This resulted in Trannel being warned of daily compulsory fines unless it exited the market. Kindred’s subsidiary then filed a complaint against the fines which was ultimately rejected by the Borgarting Court of Appeal back in June this year. Now, in light of the latest announcement, it looks like the end of the years-long legal battle has come.

The company behind Unibet, Betsson, ComeOn and Bet365 has operated illegally in Norway for several years. Now they are in the process of withdrawing from the Norwegian market after we have carried out inspections against them,

reads a statement released by Lotteritilsynet

The Country’s Market Is No Longer Attractive to Illegal Operators

The gambling regulator in Norway explained that its market is no longer attractive for “illegal gambling companies.” It said that payment processing and illegal TV advertising bans work well.

Moreover, Lotteritilsynet said that the withdrawal of illegal gambling operators from the country shows that its regulations are effective. The regulatory watchdog also said that such operators find it more difficult to offer their services in the country.

This is a company that is neither allowed to offer nor market gambling to Norwegians. That several of the largest gambling companies that operate illegally in Norway withdraw will prevent gambling problems and contribute to a safer and more responsible gambling offer in the Norwegian market.

Henrik Nordal, director of the Lotteritilsynet

Henrik Nordal, Lotteritilsynet’s director, explained that the aforementioned brands offered their services to Norwegians without the necessary permissions. According to him, their withdrawal will help reduce problem gambling and contribute toward the health of the regulated gambling market in the country.


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