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TonyBet Backs the Latvian Men’s Handball Team

TonyBet, an international online sports betting operator, has inked a new agreement with Latvia’s men’s national handball team. The new agreement will see the TonyBet as the team’s official sponsor.

TonyBet to Support Latvian Handball

The new agreement comes just in time for the 2024 EHF European Men’s Handball Championship qualifiers. Per the deal, TonyBet will support the team, thus helping the overall handball scene.

The Latvian Handball Federation noted that the handball ecosystem is currently undergoing a lot of changes and is actively reinforcing its ranks with new coaches and players. In addition, it remains committed to supporting youth handball by providing the scene. As a result, the LHF currently needs all support it can get.

TonyBet Latvia’s head, Valtgers Rozmanis, said that his team will gladly support the national men’s handball team. He pointed out that the sport enjoys great popularity in the country and has a long and rich history. Latvia prides itself on the performances of its teams, which is why Rozmanis and his company are thrilled by the opportunity to support Latvian pro handball. Rozmanis said that joining forces with the LHF and the national men’s team was a no-brainer and concluded that he is looking forward to the qualifiers.

In other news, TonyBet recently teamed up with US Integrity, a specialist that will help the operator remain compliant in Ontario where it is scheduled to launch later this year.

MateHR to Also Back the Team

Meanwhile, the men’s team also welcomed another partner. MateHR, an international IT recruitment company, will also back the athletes. Its founder and manager, Māris Tepers, said that supporting Handball in Latvia is an honor. He hopes that his company’s support will make a difference and help the local handball scene grow to rival Germany and France’s leagues. Tepers said that his team wishes the Latvian men’s handball team all the best.

The Latvian Handball Federation thanked both companies for their exceptional commitment. Līga Bīriņa general secretary of the federation, said that her team is glad that such esteemed companies are willing to support the scene. She said that she and her colleagues are truly grateful to TonyBet and MateHR and are looking forward to working together with the two firms.

Bīriņa thanked both the companies and their leaders for their support and promised that the National Handball team will do everything in its power to justify TonyBet and MateHR’s trust.


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