January 27, 2023 3 min read


Tom Horn Trusts Employees to Have Unlimited Days Off

Supplier and developer of casino games, Tom Horn Gaming, has made another change to its annual leave term policy

Effective immediately, the company has implemented a new holiday scheme that will allow the company’s team members to take unlimited time off, emplowering every employee to decide how long they want to be off from work, and when.

No Need to Worry about Taking Days Off at Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn is confident that this move will help inspire trust in its internal business culture, motivate team members, and generally lead to a well-rested workforce that is capable of delivering outstanding performance.

Tom Horn Gaming Head of HR Viktoria Mykhailenko explained that this new policy is expected to give people the flexibility they need to balance between their personal and professional lives and do so effectively. Mykhailenko is also expecting overall employee satisfaction and well-being to improve as well:

We value trust and transparency above all else, whilst focusing on results and quality. We strongly believe this new approach to taking a break from work will increase productivity, encourage employee autonomy, and establish a sense of empowerment of our colleagues.

Tom Horn Gaming Head of HR Viktoria Mykhailenko

The company’s culture of trust and openness is how Tom Horn builds and markets its products as well. Tom Horn leverages a “unique working landscape” that allows it to respect and value its employees. The company is happy to entrust individual employees with how they manage their time and deliver on core responsibilities within the Tom Horn ecosystem.

Innovation Fit for the Challenges of the New World

Tom Horn Gaming CEO Ondrej Lapides noted that the company had a strong track record in creativity and productivity. The motivator here is to focus the company’s efforts on what people do, rather than the number of hours or days at work they spend.

Lapides noted that this change was necessary because of the constantly-evolving business landscape, and with the new challenges arising, companies would need to adapt and be more agile in order to acquire innovative solutions and put them into practice.

All of this should happen in a relaxed and safe environment, the executive argues. Tom Horn Gaming’s decision to let go of the traditional annual leave policy is one of the many pillars it’s looking to establish as it moves forward to completely transform the business landscape in iGaming. Not least, Tom Horn is hoping to attract more team members and the best talent in the industry by empowering people to be their own bosses.


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