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Tom Brady Featured in NFL’s Efforts to Clamp Down on Gambling

The National Football League (NFL) is facing increased pressure after numerous players were found to be in alleged breaches of betting policies

To this end, the NFL has reacted promptly, reminding teams and franchises that they have a non-negotiable duty to educate athletes on gambling policies. Still, the league wants to do this on an official level as well, bringing Tom Brady, the famed New England Patriots quarterback as part of a new promotional and awareness campaign to tackle the issue.

Tom Brady Becomes the Face of NFL Gambling Educational Policy

Brady would be part of a new educational video that all teams in the NFL will use to inform and instruct their new players on the dangers of gambling. Several players were found to be gambling – or at least alleged to – over the past weeks, with some owing up and taking responsibility while others told bare-faced lies and claimed they were not aware of the NFL’s existing, amply promoted, and obligatory gambling policies.

Such defense of honest ignorance in a matter as serious would no longer be tenable as the Brady video would make it absolutely certain that gambling by athletes is not allowed, and that everyone is informed. Penalties for future offenders may be in fact much stiffer, despite their seven-figure contracts with teams.

The video message itself features Brady who speaks of his love of football and calls the chance to play for 23 seasons in the NFL as the privilege of a lifetime. He then doubles down on why players should not engage in gambling as it hurts the sport’s integrity and questions everything that players and teams do on the field.

Gambling on the outcomes of games is not just a personal decision – it’s something that has a league-wide consequence and impact and therefore needs to be avoided. Most recently, Indianapolis Colts cornerback and kick returner Isaiah Rodgers was alleged to have been gambling against NFL policies.

Owning Up Your Mistake and Punishments for Gambling

Rodgers was reluctant to speak up but he then tweeted what appeared to be a message in which he confessed, apologized, and promised that he could do much better. Gambling offenses are not too uncommon in the NFL, with Arizona cornerback Josh Shaw suspended for 21 months in 2019. Shaw had been betting on football games to receive this strict suspension.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions had to deal with five suspensions this year, including receiver Jameson Williams. Some of the players were completely removed from the season while others had to sit out six games this season.


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