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NFL Continues Monitoring for Sports Betting Breaches

After suspending five players in relation to investigation alleging breaches to NFL's gambling policies, the League now reportedly looks into further potential violations

This year’s May 14th marked the fifth anniversary of the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The law that used to limit sports betting to Nevada was struck down by the US Supreme Court, which sparked a rapid expansion of the activity across the country.

Five years later, few states have legalized the activity but are yet to launch it, while more than 30 states have legalized and launched legal sports wagering. Although initially, the NFL opposed the expansion of the activity, in the end, it opened up to wagering and even signed partnerships designating the leading operators, FanDuel DraftKings and Caesars as official sportsbook partners.

With the increase of popularity for sports betting, came worries about potential breaches of the rules and the integrity of the games. To counter any such fears and ensure compliance with the rules, the NFL collaborates with tracking platforms, sportsbooks and regulators. Now, a new report by ESPN reveals that the NFL is looking into a “second wave of potential violations of its gambling policy,” citing different sources close to the matter.

The probe is designated as a “second wave” because it follows multiple suspensions announced by the NFL last month. At the time, the League confirmed it has started an investigation against five players that may have violated its policies related to gambling. The suspension involved four players from the Detroit Lions, including receivers Quintez Cephus, Jameson Williams, Stanley Berryhill, as well as safety C.J. Moore. On the other hand, the fifth suspended player was Shaka Toney, Washington Commanders’ defensive end.

Although the NFL is reportedly looking into further violations, there are currently no details regarding which teams or players may be under scrutiny. Still, if that probe advances further, additional suspensions may also be imposed by the League.

Ensuring Compliance with the Rules

Ensuring the integrity of its games and compliance of players, coaches and other NFL-related personnel is paramount for the League. This is why it has partnerships with leading platforms such as US Integrity, that help monitor the bets placed by different individuals.

The League shares a list of bettors that are prohibited from wagering with such platforms, as well as bookmakers, to ensure that those individuals do not engage in betting activities. Still, it’s important to mention that the NFL allows players to place wagers on non-NFL games but restricts them from doing so from team or league facilities.


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