August 31, 2021 3 min read


Time2play Will Be the New Home to Twitch’s Gambling Streamers

Time2play, a part of the Kafe Rocks Group, as well as an extremely reliable review site on online gaming, is opening its virtual doors to gambling streamers. This comes as a result of Twitch’s ban on referral codes and links, which was put into effect on August 17, 2021.

Tim Tepass, the chairman of Time2play, stated that the decision that Twitch made is both inevitable and understandable. He added that gaming stream platforms that are appealing to younger people/minors should not feature gambling content. He added that Time2play offers a dedicated platform in which streamers will be connected with adults that are looking for full information concerning online casinos and their game libraries.

Streamers at Time2play Will Have to Adhere to a Code

To make sure that its mission is fully transparent, Time2play will ensure that readers know how streamers are funded via its platform. Additionally, streamers will have to sign and respect a code of conduct. To make sure that this code of conduct is always enforced, users will have the option of flagging any type of content that they think is in direct violation of the code.

The CEO of Kafe Rocks Group, Simon Pilkington, stated that the demand gambling streamers produce content in which there’s clearly a solid interest. The audience size at some of the most popular channels often counts in the thousands. He added that the company’s main goal is to make sure that the right people are presented with the right context.

Time2play provides customers user and expert reviews of numerous licensed/legal sportsbooks and online casinos and live streams will be a very nice addition to that offering. The reviews will be combined with opinions from the industry. That will create a unique offering inside the online gaming community, known as Time2play Playscore.

Time2play is a Recently-Established Company

Time2play was established in early-2021 with a simple goal in mind – to provide customers with the best experience in the field of online gambling. The company is well aware of the fact that the gambling experience depends on the location of the player, which is why it caters to individual preferences.

The rating system at Time2play is based on metrics that are said to be unbiased and honest. Years of knowledge in the online gambling industry and scientific knowledge allowed the company to come up with a fair process of reviewing. Experts are applying this process and make sure that the customers are provided with the most high-quality content.

Additionally, Time2play provides customers with all of the latest information on the legality of online gambling in the US, the legal age in every state and has a detailed guide on responsible online gaming.

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