Three People Dead in Murder-Suicide Case at Montana Casino

Tragic news comes from Stateline Casino in Bainville, MT, as a shooter killed two people on Saturday before shooting himself fatally. Reports state that when deputies arrived on the scene, they found the three people without any signs of life.

The Tragic Event Took Place Inside the Casino

As a local newspaper, the Billings Gazette, reported, the shootings took place inside Stateline Casino. Jason Frederick, the Roosevelt County Sheriff, stated that the bodies were found on Saturday at approximately 5:30 PM. The exact time of when the shootings took place is yet to be determined and so is the motive. Early evidence suggests that it is a murder-suicide.

After these events, Stateline Casino and Colby Casino, which is located in the vicinity of Stateline, decided to close shop. There isn’t any news as to when they will open. Over the weekend, Stateline shared a post on Facebook on which it noted that the casino, in tandem with Colby, will remain closed until “further notice.”

The post also noted that the staff is grateful for all the support it has received so far, and everyone at the casino feels thankful to have caring people and daring first responders in the community.

Colby Casino followed up with a second post on social media in which it stated that the ” concern, love, and support” are greatly appreciated. The casino’s customers and staff are safe and are more than thankful to the emergency team, who responded to the situation in no time.

Some Details on the Shootings Were Provided by the Sheriff’s Office

The recent period proved to be quite dangerous for casino visitors, even in New Jersey, where a Parx Casino visitor was shot and killed after winning $10,000. As for the tragic events at Stateline, the sheriff’s office shared a few details on the shootings.

Autopsies will most likely be performed, and deputies were looking for all potential witnesses and talking to them. They also conducted a search on the crime scene to find evidence, and in a statement released during the weekend, the sheriff’s office confirmed that there was no danger to the public. Considering the fact that Bainville has a population of just a few hundred people, the investigation will progress quickly.

Other murder-suicides have taken place at gaming facilities in past years throughout the US. The most infamous tragic event of this character happened on October 1, 2017, when Stephen Paddock, 64, killed/injured several hundred people who were at the Harvest Music Festival on the Strip.

According to official reports, Paddock was at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, on the 32nd floor when he fired more than 1,000 rounds at the festival’s attendees. The shooting victims received an $800-million settlement by MGM Resorts International and its insurers.

A recent event in March at Wynn Las Vegas also ended as a murder-suicide after an employee of the facility shot a security officer while sitting in a car at the on-site parking garage. Then, the employee got out of the car and shot himself. Both people were pronounced dead at the location.

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