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Three Basketball Teams Join NSW’s Reclaim the Game Program

The three clubs will show fans that they can enjoy basketball for the action, rather than the odds

Liquor & Gaming NSW announced that more teams have joined the New South Wales government’s Reclaim the Game campaign. These include the National Basketball League’s (NBL) Illawarra Hawks and Sydney Kings, as well as the Women’s National Basketball League’s (WNBL) Sydney Flames.

As partners of the Reclaim the Game program, the three teams will work for the reduction of sports betting ads in professional sports, promoting gambling-free sports.

According to Liquor & Gaming NSW’s policy and programs a/executive director, Nathalie Wright, participants in the program allow sports fans to enjoy sports with fewer distractions from sports betting advertisers.

Wright applauded the teams’ commitment to the Reclaim the Game initiative, highlighting the importance of challenging the normalization of sports betting and advertising in sports.  She noted that NSW teams’ participation in the program sends a “powerful message, especially to younger fans.”

You can watch and enjoy basketball for the action, rather than the odds.

Nathalie Wright, policy and programs a/executive director, Liquor & Gaming NSW

The Clubs and Their Fans Support the Initiative

The Reclaim the Game initiative will see the three teams reduce the amount of betting advertising in the NBL and WNBL for the next two seasons, protecting Australian consumers from gambling harm.

The teams’ fan bases also expressed their support of the teams’ decision to join the program as attested to by a Reclaim the Game survey. For reference, a whopping 86% of the Kings’ supporters and 93% of the Flames’ fans revealed that excessive gambling advertising is something that concerns them.

The Reclaim the Game partnership will teach the community about sports betting and gambling risks, Illawarra Hawks general manager commercial Sam Attrill said.

We look forward to welcoming our members, fans, and partners to WIN Entertainment Centre this season to enjoy the excitement of Hawks basketball with family and friends without the distraction of betting.

Sam Attrill, general manager commercial, Illawarra Hawks

Paul Smith, chair of the Sydney Kings and Sydney Flames, also expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the clubs’ commitment to promoting responsible gambling behavior.

It is our fundamental duty to support the well-being of players, community and sports integrity.

Paul Smith, chair, Sydney Kings and Sydney Flames

The Reclaim the Game program continues to be a huge success, reaching millions of fans in New South Wales. Earlier this year, the Sydney Swans extended their participation in the initiative.


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