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Play’n GO Becomes a Signatory of The Climate Pledge

Play’n GO expressed its desire to achieve the goals outlined in The Climate Pledge by 2030

Play’n GO, a Swedish-based casino entertainment provider, has signed The Climate Pledge, joining a community of over 400 other companies. By joining the initiative, the supplier has reiterated its commitment to a sustainable and environment-friendly future.

The Climate Pledge was created in 2019. The initiative requires all participants to reduce their carbon emissions, eventually achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. This is notably a decade earlier than the Paris Agreement’s goal to do the same by 2050.

However, Play’n GO is even more ambitious and expressed its desire to achieve the goals outlined in The Climate Pledge by 2030, remaining 10 years ahead of other companies.

Having signed the pledge, the Swedish provider will now measure and report greenhouse gas emissions regularly. In addition to that, Play’n GO will implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement.

To that end, the Swedish company will target real business changes and innovations, such as efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions and others.

Play’n GO will also be responsible for neutralizing any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent and socially-beneficial offsets as it seeks to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions.

As a signatory of The Climate Pledge, Play’n GO will join a community that includes many notable companies, such as Amazon, IBM, VISA and Uber, among others.

Play’n GO Wants to Ensure a Bright Future for the Next Generations

Play’n GO’s director of CSR, Vanessa Arenram, highlighted the importance of sustainability to her company. Because of that, she said, the company is “delighted to take this opportunity” to become a signatory of The Climate Pledge.

According to Arenram, everyone should play a part in ensuring a better future for the next generations. She said that “this ambitious agreement” will see the Swedish supplier operate at net-zero within the next decade.

We’re excited to make this commitment today, and look forward to all of our people around the world coming together to make these goals a reality.

Vanessa Arenram, director of CSR, Play’n GO

Play’n GO remains committed to achieving a “safe, sustainable future within the gambling industry.” The company is certain that the signing of The Climate Pledge is a testament to its commitment to the initiative.

In other news, Play’n GO recently renewed its long-standing partnership with the Växjö Lakers, a team from the company’s city of origin.


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