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The Star’s Shares Drop Despite the Reported Success in FY2022

The Star Entertainment has released its report which states that the company’s shares are in the red as they dropped by 0.86%. This development comes shortly after the company released its financial results for the 2022 fiscal year

Several Major Changes Took Place in FY2022

Several changes took place in FY2022, which may have caused the downfall in the share prices. For starters, The Star made several executive changes, one of which included appointing Robert Cooke as the new MD and CEO.

However, one of the biggest issues that The Star faced recently is the fact that the company faced an inquiry over alleged illegal activities. The inquiry was the reason why many high-end employees decided to leave as The Star is facing a possible license suspension in NSW. 

The FY2022 was a success for The Star, though. The report stated that all properties, except the one in Sydney, recorded revenues higher than in 2019. The total revenue for the year ending on June 30, 2022, reached AU$1.53 billion ($1.06 billion). 

Additionally, The Star noted that the quarter, which ended on June 30, resulted in a massive recovery in domestic revenue. Domestic revenue reached AU$512 million ($355 million), which is an 11% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. 

Geoff Hogg, The Star’s acting CEO, shared his thoughts on the situation. He stated that the past year showed just how resilient the business is and how quickly customers are returning as properties are opening up without any restrictions. He also added that the domestic operations of The Star also deserve praise. 

A Closer Look Into The Star’s NSW Inquiry 

The inquiry into The Star’s operations in NSW is coming to an end. The report on the public inquiry into the company is set to be released on August 31. Several illegal activities were uncovered, including fraud, criminal infiltration, and money laundering. 

More than 30 witnesses took the stand in 36 online hearings. The inquiry is set to decide whether The Star is suitable to hold a license in New South Wales. 

One of the biggest issues that the company is facing is the fact that it accepted payments from Chinese gamblers via China UnionPay cards. According to the details, gamblers spent millions on gambling-related activities, but the company registered the payments as inquiries related to hotel luxury expenses. 

 The first day of the public hearing revealed that The Star hid as much as AU$900 million ($620.9 million) and it labeled them as hotel expenses. Adam Bell SC is in charge of writing and releasing the final report about The Star’s operations. 

Bell is a senior counsel whose areas of expertise include commercial, administrative, and equity law. Apart from the inquiry into The Star, Bell also assisted in the Bergin Inquiry into the Crown Resorts.

The extension on the reporting deadline was given as Bell noted that he needs more time to conclude all of his discoveries and make sure that they are in compliance with the Terms of Reference.

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