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The Star Gives a Sneak Peek into Its Sky Deck at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

The Star Entertainment Group’s Queen’s Wharf Brisbane property is expected to attract 1.4 million tourists a year

Australian casino giant The Star Entertainment Group has teased fans, industry enthusiasts and competitors with a sneak peek into its Sky Deck at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane property. The company, which believes that the venue will soon become one of the most photographed spots in the city, shared a timelapse video of the development, alongside some first-look photos.

The Sky Deck will be a crescent-shaped rooftop, positioned a hundred meters above the Brisbane River. It will offer a spectacular vista of the locale, allowing the property to become a “major tourism drawcard.” The 250m long deck will be the centerpiece of the property and will sport a variety of bars and restaurants. A glass floor viewing platform will allow visitors to further enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The development of the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane entertainment and hospitality complex cost a whopping $3.6 billion ($2.5 billion USD) to build and is being delivered by Destination Brisbane Consortium. The latter entity comprised The Star Entertainment, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is notably the first local development to receive the 6-Star Green Star Communities Rating thanks to The Star’s dedication to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Experts believe that the impressive property would attract as many as 1.4 million tourists a year.

The Star Is Proud of How the Property Is Turning Out

Robbie Cooke, the chief executive officer and managing director of The Star Entertainment Group, commented on the development of the flagship Sky Deck. He is certain that Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will become a major landmark in the city and that the Sky Deck will cement itself as a must-visit destination for tourists.

The Sky Deck will be a first for Brisbane. It will be open day and night, 365 days a year for up to 1,500 people as somewhere to celebrate a special event, to bring visiting friends and family or even as a meeting place for a drink after work.

Robbie Cooke, CEO & MD, The Star Entertainment Group

Cooke is very optimistic about the development and believes that the property will rival other iconic locations such as the Sydney Opera House.

Meanwhile, Simon Crooks, project director at the Destination Brisbane Consortium, elaborated on the engineering challenges regarding the construction. He explained that the Sky Deck’s bridge links, which will form its distinctive shape, weigh hundreds of tons and need to be safely secured into place.

The Star Entertainment Group is proud to be working on this project and is looking forward to delivering what will be a major landmark that would create thousands of jobs.


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