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The Slot Squad: The ONLY Slots Streaming Channel on Twitch Playing Fully Licensed Casino Games in the US

The Slot Squad hosted by American Betting Experts is a Twitch channel that focuses on bringing you insights into the regulated iGaming market, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, to the boundlessness of the interactive gaming industry.

Since January 2021, the Twitch channel has been posting streaming sessions where the team’s players have been able to get their hands on some of the best regulated slots out there, offering an entertaining experience and guidance to anyone looking to try one slot or another.

Today we have a sit-down with the team to find out what brought the project to life, what the idea behind it is to begin with and where the Slot Squad channel is headed next.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how Slot Squad was born as a concept and then put to realization?

Hi, we are The Slot Squad, the ONLY slots streaming channel on Twitch playing fully licensed, real money online casino games in the United States. We stream live every night at our official Twitch channel.

The Slot Squad as a concept was brought to life by Wedge Traffic founder, David Copeland. Wedge Traffic is a US iGaming affiliate with three online properties – American Betting Experts, New American Casinos and New American Sportsbooks.

Wedge Traffic spotted a gap in the market for a Twitch channel that showcased fully licensed, real money online casino and slot games in the United States. With this in mind, we got to work on developing our strategy and recruiting our awesome team of streamers in time for the official launch of The Slot Squad on January 1st, 2021. Now, The Slot Squad streams live every night to its rapidly growing channel of viewers.

Q: Why do you focus on regulated markets and what are the advantages for players thereof?

By focusing on regulated gambling markets, we know that we are putting the safety of our fans first. If any of our Twitch followers or viewers wish to play along with The Slot Squad on any of the casino or slot games showcased then we can be sure that their deposits and withdrawals are protected.

As well as the safety and protection aspect, regulated gambling markets will always offer a higher quality of online games to their players compared to unregulated markets. This is because a larger number of software developers are willing to work within the regulated markets and can therefore develop a higher quality of game.

The Slot Squad currently operates in the four US states where online casino gaming is legal and regulated – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. In the coming years, we expect to be able to enter more states as they legalize online casino gambling and broaden our fanbase as a result!

Q: What is Slot Squad’s mission today? Entertainment or education, or a mix of both?

We definitely try to strike a balance between the two! As a Twitch slots and casino channel, we are always aiming to entertain our viewers and build relationships with them. Our team of streamers all bring something different to the table entertainment-wise and we regularly invite guests onto our shows to make things even more exciting. In just six months we’ve had it all, from elite sports stars, to Twitch celebrities, to even horror movie directors.

We also run charity nights to entertain local communities while raising much-needed funds in the process. Whether it’s sports teams or local communities in legal gambling states, The Slot Squad are always keen to help out where possible. You can contact us via the email referenced at the bottom of the article if this is something you would like to be a part of.

On the education aspect, we pride ourselves on promoting responsible gambling to our subscribers and viewers. We try to integrate this into every single stream by offering assistance and working with trusted casino operators who have well-established online help centers and support teams. We also help our followers take advantage of the generous bonuses available at the regulated online casinos by offering them exclusive welcome offers which can only be claimed via The Slot Squad.

Q: How do you pick the people who appear on your stream?

Firstly, we have a committed team of awesome streamers attached to The Slot Squad. Hoagie, Tiffany Gambla, Vorti and Twila stream 7 days a week between them and all live in legal US gambling states. We recruited our streamers based on their entertainment value, their knowledge of Twitch streaming and their passion for online slots and casino gaming. Whether it’s Hoagie’s years of casino experience, Tiffany’s passion for Atlantic City or Vorti and Twila’s knowledge of the Twitch entertainment industry, all four of our streamers bring something unique and exciting to The Slot Squad table.

Then, we give our streamers free reign on inviting guests to the show. As mentioned before, there are no limits as to who can join us at The Slot Squad. We’ve had sports stars, movie directors, musicians, the lot! As long as our guests are located in one of the regulated gambling states to be able to play at the fully licensed online casinos, we’re happy to have them.

Q: With some six months to your name, you are still a very young Twitch channel, but already seem to be getting a fair traction. What are your future plans for the year?

We want to aim high! Like you say, we are still a very young Twitch channel but we are already seeing big signs of growth. We just want to continue doing what we are doing as we know things are moving in the right direction.

Moving forward, we definitely want to host more of our charity nights sponsored by American Betting Experts. The nominated charity during our charity nights gets a starting bankroll for the evening, donated by American Betting Experts. The charity will then receive an extra $50 donation for every viewer who signs up to one of The Slot Squad’s casino partners and plays along. These charity nights have always been a success for us and our partnered charities and it is something that isn’t offered on any other Twitch channel. It’s a great way of having fun whilst raising money for those who need it most.

Q: Do you have favorite slots and is it possible to keep track of the entire slot industry today?

We are very lucky that there are so many slot games to choose from at the regulated online casinos we are partnered with. Our streamers love 88 Fortunes, Divine Fortunes and Dancing Drums to name a few, but we are committed to trying out as many of the slot games on offer as we can to give our viewers an insight into the online slot world as a whole.

The slot industry is progressing quickly as more states legalize casino gaming and more operators get involved. But we’re able to keep track of any changes happening at the online casinos or any additions to the games being offered. We have a great knowledge of the industry ourselves and our streamers know what’s going on at all times so we are in a very good place.

Q: What advice do you have to those people who are just starting to play online slots?

Give it a try! You won’t realize what is out there until you try it. There are so many exciting online slots to try, from move-themed games to classic slot games that you may be familiar with if you have ever visited a land-based casino.

Not to mention that there are so many generous bonuses out there for you to exploit as a new online slots player. At The Slot Squad, we have loads of exclusive new customer bonuses for our viewers to claim, whether it’s free spins, deposit match bonuses, or free plays. This means that you can start out your online slots journey with minimal to no risk to your own bankroll. Just reach out if you want to hear more about our exclusive bonuses.

We should also take this opportunity to say that you should know exactly what you are doing before getting started. Don’t go in blindly. Our team at the Slot Squad are always available to help anyone who has any questions about anything from signing up, to depositing, to playing. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

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