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The Price Tag for Caesars’ Virginia Casino Rises to $500 Million

The Caesars Virginia casino project is likely to go over budget by a huge margin. The original plans for this venue stated that the whole project will cost around $400 million, but now, the price tag will rise to $500 million. The senior vice president of Caesars Entertainment, Robert Livingston, confirmed as much during a public input meeting on Monday, which was attended by around 75 community members. The meeting took place on West Main Street, at what was previously known as the Dan River Inc. Welfare Building.

The Casino Project is Evolving

During the public meeting, Livingston stated that the number of hotel rooms is also likely to increase from 300 to 500. Mike Schlang, the senior director of design and construction of Caesars Virginia, spoke to those in attendance and stated that the project is evolving and the company is trying to understand every tiny detail. He added that one of the things that is being looked into is what can be preserved about the site.

The casino will be built at the former Dan River Inc.’s site, located in Schoolfield. The location is a well-known fixture in the community due to its three smokestacks, and Schlang said that the protrusions will definitely be a vital and iconic part of the new project. The three sisters, the nickname for the smokestacks, will be the anchor for the resort’s entertainment forum. Not only that, but Caesars will add a few more towers.

Many Restaurants Will Also Be A Part of the Resort

Apart from being able to play casino games, the venue will also include several restaurants, a sports bar and a brewpub. Schlang added that celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay will be there. Casino game fans are not just familiar with Gordon Ramsay’s chef skills, but they also know him from NetEnt’s new online slot game.

Not only that, but a Starbucks will be there, as well. Speaking of the casino project, Schlang added that a parking garage that has space for 1,200 vehicles, an outdoor pool, hot tubs, spa, fire pits and a VIP area will also be a part of the whole complex.

According to Livingston, even though schematic designs through which the experts figure out the project pieces that fit are currently being worked on, the conceptual design is complete. The process of lending Caesars with the community’s rich history is on track, he added.

The permits for the projects are expected to be complete by mid-November, according to Livingston. All those that are wondering if any work is undergoing at the site will see a lot of activity in the near future, and all of that will be sooner rather than later, as he pointed out. Casino resort visitors can expect to have a secondary car entrance and a pedestrian entrance from West Main Street, according to Schlang.

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