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The Portuguese Basketball League Is Now the Betclic League

Sports-related activity has always been a great landing spot for brands looking to gain greater exposure. From Little League baseball to UEFA, associating a company name with a team or a league is guaranteed to bring an increase in traffic. Become a sponsor and that increase jumps substantially. Betclic, the France-based online sports betting operator, has just secured two new agreements that will certainly bring a jump in activity to its platforms.

Betclic Plays Basketball in Portugal

Betclic announced this week that it has signed a new agreement with the Portuguese Basketball Federation (PBF). Through the three-year arrangement, the PBF’s Portuguese Basketball League will cease to exist, at least in name, as it will now be known as the Betclic League. The operator takes over ahead of the upcoming season, which means everyone will have to adapt to the changes quickly.

Asserts Betclic Portugal Country Manager Pureza Sousa in a statement, “Betclic’s entry as the main sponsor of the basketball league represents a firm step in our ambitions of wanting to bring to national sport a new paradigm of visibility that we have not been able to achieve in certain sports, namely basketball with the Betclic League.”

Betclic has been targeting the Portuguese gaming market over the past couple of years as it looks to extend its reach. It introduced a major marketing campaign ahead of the UEFA 2020 European Championship that featured Cristiano Ronaldo cheering on the Portuguese national team as it secured several victories ahead of a Round of 16 exit.

Betclic Gains Ground in France

On its home turf, Betclic is also looking to expand its reach. Last year, it signed a new three-year deal with France’s Professional Football League to be the official sports betting platform of the league’s Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 divisions. The operator then turned its focus to rugby and signed an agreement to be linked to France’s National Rugby League.

Through this partnership, which began a few months ago, Betclic became the official sportsbook partner of the organization’s Top 14 league for the next three years. It is also the “official statistics partner” of the league, becoming the provider of matchday analysis, data and insights to the broadcasters of Top 14 league games.

These agreements will put Betclic in a favorable light in its home country. With the launch of the new Ligue 1 soccer season next month, the operator will have substantial exposure across multiple sports leagues that will lead to a boost in traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Focus Isn’t Only on European Sports

While Betclic may have more experience offering lines on European sports events, it isn’t limited to them. The operator has been enhancing its options to improve odds related to US sports and, this past April, inked a deal with Sports IQ to use that platform’s odds and automated trading products in the European market.

Betclic Head of Sports Betting Martin Houdbine said at the time, “Betclic’s mission is to provide the best technology to bet and the greatest experience to our customers, to continuously enhance their passion for sports.”


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