November 19, 2020 3 min read

The Plaza in Las Vegas Adds AI to Fight Covid and Crime

The Plaza is going to leverage artificial intelligence provided by Patriots One Technologies Inc. to detect patrons’ body temperatures and identify potentially dangerous individuals concealing weapons about their person near the property.

Las Vegas’ the Plaza Integrates AI to Clamp Down on Crime, Limit Infections

Las Vegas has seen a number of challenges in recent weeks and months. The city was seized by a wave of business closures, with a new one possibly now looming as Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is trying to balance between the economy and the well-being of the general public. The economic downturn and rapid drop in tourism, has exacerbated crime rates and led to a spike of violent crime across Las Vegas’ main tourist area.

To combat this and protect consumers from covid-19, the Plaza Hotel & Casino is installing AI devices to try and preemptively foil similar incidents, including but not limited to shootings, assaults, and fights. While crime across the city has dipped, aggravated assaults went up 29% in October year-over-year.

Covid-19 cases have also gone up, with the state posting 2,269 new infections on Saturday and the death rate spiking earlier this week.  

The Plaza is now deploying a piece of technology known as PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform developed by Patriots One Technologies Inc., and it allows to successfully detecting body temperatures, mask usage, as well as concealed weapons, notifying the Plaza’s security of aberrations.

With the New Year’s Eve celebrations and fireworks drawing closer, casinos are looking into optimizing safety measures related to both crime and covid-19 infections. The technology, the Plaza general manager Jay Franken says, is unobtrusive allowing the casino to serve customers discretely while bolstering the safety on the premises.

Any potential dangers are reported as soon as the system detects it. For those doubting the solution’s usefulness, Patriot One chief executive Peter Evans argues that the technology has 95% accuracy rate, and he is willing to stand by his words.

Restoring Trust in Businesses’ Customers

The technology actually works both ways, Evans says. On the one hand, it clearly boosts casinos and businesses’ own safety, but on the other, it “restores trust in customers,” helping staff not bother unwitting individuals, but use AI to sort out potential risks instead.

For the time being PATSCAN will serve to improve the existing security protocols in place which include but aren’t limited to manual guest checks. Members of security ask for IDs, take body temperature and ensure that guests are familiar with safety protocols once they are on the premises.

PATSCAN’s combined ability to address both the outbreak and help prevent potentially deadly incidents makes it a powerful ally to any Las Vegas business, including casinos adorning the Las Vegas Strip.

The technology wasn’t designed to assist in health crises, but the fact it can means that more Las Vegas properties may find it handy to have PATSCAN’s tech integrated in strategic areas.

Patriot One’s chief executive feels confident that the Plaza would extend the one-year deal signed under the present contract.

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