July 5, 2022 3 min read


The Lottery Office and blueshyft to Offer Aussies Access to More Lotteries

Australian-owned The Lottery Office and blueshyft, a payment platform, have teamed up and thanks to that fact, Aussie lottery players will now have the chance to participate in the biggest lotteries in the world from more than 1,400 Australian newsagents. 

Lottery Players Will Be Given a Boost in Confidence 

Jaclyn Woods, the CEO of The Lottery Office, shared his thoughts on the newly-formed partnership with blueshyft. He said that players that want to participate in the biggest lotteries in the world but are hesitant to make online deposits will now be provided with a major confidence boost. 

She added that the existing customers of The Lottery office will gain extra payment flexibility, whereas the company will have a new channel where it can engage with its players. 

Woods also praised blueshyft by saying that the payment platform has teamed up with numerous high-value operators. 

That includes the likes of FedEx, Ladbrokes, GoGet, Bitcoin Australia, CoinJar, as well as News Corp. The company has been offering payments via iOS terminals since 2015. Woods noted that in Australia, blueshyft processed upwards of 1.4 million transactions in the 2021/22 financial year, which proves that the popularity of this platform keeps rising. 

The new services will be active starting Monday, July 11.

Newsagents Will Receive a Percentage or Dollar Amount of In-Store Deposits 

While speaking about the benefits that newsagents across Australia will be provided with, Woods said that they will be given a percentage of in-store deposits or a dollar amount. They will be provided with the option that is considered “greater,” according to Woods. 

Additionally, newsagents will receive a referral payment for every new customer that comes to The Lottery Office via the news agency. 

As for players themselves, they will gain access to world-renowned lottery draws such as USA Mega Lotto, whose rewards can go as high as $367 million (AU$543 million), and European Millions, whose rewards go as high as $225 million (AU$332million), as well as the Italian Super Jackpot, whose rewards go as high as $242 million (AU$357 million). 

European Millions was in the middle of an unlucky case back in April after Jane Fallon placed a winning ticket on the EuroMillions HotPicks last February with WeLoveLottery. 

However, after she won and reported her winnings, she was cut off from government payments and that led to her not receiving the full amount.

By using the blueshyft platform, players will be able to make deposits in both fiat and crypto. The company’s network consists of over 1,500 retail locations and customers will be able to pay here by using an in-store iPad. 

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