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Loot.Bet Adds Oddin.gg to Boost Esports Vertical Offer

Loot.Bet has signed a new partnership with Oddin.gg, a leading provider of esports odds, data and fixtures, to boost its own esports offer. As a result, Loot.Bet will be able to significantly boost its esports betting markets offer and scale its available market to have broader, international coverage.

Oddin.GG to Bolster Loot.Bet’s Esports Offer

Oddin.gg is a proven purveyor of esports betting solutions, which is what has made Loot.Bet turn to the company is looking for a product that can help it scale its functionality and improve customer engagement while meeting consumers’ expectations.

React Gaming Group CEO Leigh Hughes welcomed the addition of Oddin.gg to the Loot.Bet’s lineup, and said that the alliance is set to yield distinct dividends for the fully-owned esports betting subsidiary:

This partnership is excellent news for Loot.Bet, as it will enhance our online betting platform capabilities and functionalities.

React Gaming Group CEO Leigh Hughes

Oddin.gg is praised for its distinct qualities, including what Hughes argues is the highest uptime for odds. Companies that have turned to Oddin.gg have already seen a positive impact on their operating margins, and this includes Loot.Bet the executive said.

Loot.Bet CEO Peter Zhalau confirmed the addition of Oddin.gg solution was a significant milestone for the company and one that will translate into better results across the board. Zhalau said that Loot.Bet planned on teaming up with the company for years to come.

Esports Piques Consumer and Business Interest

Oddin.gg co-founder and managing director Marek Suchar welcomed the news in a similar fashion and said that the esports bookmaker is one of the most prominent platforms in the vertical. He added:

This partnership confirms that Oddin.gg is moving in the right direction and that the quality of our solution is second to none.

Oddin.gg recently teamed up with SB22 to help the company steer the North American market and help build a footprint in the esports betting market.


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